Metrology Measuring Systems

At Indicate Technologies, we take pride in offering an extensive range of measurement products and solutions that cater to every metrology need. From traditional Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs) to advanced CT scanners, we have the capability to solve any measurement challenge you encounter.

Making informed decisions is vital to success in any industry. We equip our customers with the tools to achieve authoritative decision-making through precise measurements. With our state-of-the-art solutions, you can capture accurate data and gain valuable analyses to drive efficiency, enhance product quality, and optimize your manufacturing processes.
Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs)
Trusted and time-tested, our CMMs provide accurate dimensional analysis and quality control for a wide range of components, ensuring compliance with the strictest tolerances.

• Multisensor CMMs
• Traditional CMMs
Optical Measurement Systems
Harness the power of non-contact optical measurement to precisely inspect delicate and complex parts, enabling you to capture detailed surface data without altering the object.

• Optical Comparators
• Video Measurement Systems
3D Scanning Systems
Unleash the potential of 3D scanning to capture intricate geometries and reverse engineer parts with exceptional accuracy, facilitating efficient prototyping and design validation.

• Laser Scanners
• Structured Light Scanners
• CT Scanners
Specialized Systems
For unique and specialized applications, our tailor-made measurement solutions, including form measurement machines, gaging systems, and shaft measurement systems, offer unrivaled capabilities.

• Form Measurement Systems
• Flexible Gaging Systems
• Shaft Measurement Systems

Advanced Measuring Systems

Specialized optical metrology systems designed for precise dimensional measurements in critical applications such as wafer, photomask, slider, MEMS, semiconductor package, HDD suspension, probe card, and micro-component processes.


OGP Benchmark is designed to deliver exceptional performance and dependability within a floor model configuration.


OGP Pinnacle offers the highest accuracy and fastest speeds of the Advanced Production
Systems line.


OGP Summit is designed for components requiring a large work envelope and high accuracy.

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) represent the cutting-edge evolution in precision measurement technology. Unlike traditional probe-only CMMs, multisensor CMMs are equipped with a combination of video optics, laser, and/or touch probe. This unique integration allows for complete 3D measurement data capture from a single machine, revolutionizing the speed and accuracy of part characterization.

Standard CMM

High-Accuracy CMM

Ultra High-Accuracy CMM

Shop Floor CMM

A high-performance CNC CMM meeting today's global standards.

CRYSTA-Apex V series 

A high-performance CNC CMM providing the capabilities that most CMM users need in a range of standard sizes from 400mm to 2000mm (15.7" to 78.7").

CRYSTA-Apex EX 1200R

Providing a significant increase in throughput, the EX series adds REVO technology for ultra-high speed scanning up to 4,000 points/sec with 5-axes motion and large format measurement range (>= 1M).


A unique integration of multisensor capabilities featuring the patented VersaFlex head making 3 sensors active at all times without docking (contact scanning, vision and laser). FlexPoint enables many inspections to be performed in a single setup.

Improved accuracy, higher speed and acceleration are achieved through improved mechanics, enhanced rigid air bearings, motion control and linear scale technologies.

STRATO-Apex 500/700/900/1600

A CNC CMM that combines high precision with rapid drive speed.

FALCIO-Apex 2000G/3000G/4000G/4500G

Custom-built to perfection, our largest Mitutoyo high accuracy gantry CNC CMM offers unparalleled size and precision for your specific measurement needs.
Legex is the highest accuracy CMM available anywhere. Legex features a fixed bridge structure that offers exceptional stability of motion, enabling ultra-high measuring accuracy. This configuration is well-suited for complex small- to medium-sized workpieces that demand the highest-precision dimensional accuracies with the tightest tolerances.

Legex 500/700/900/1200

Experience unparalleled precision with our ultra-high accuracy fixed bridge type CNC CMM
Shop Floor CMMs are made to perform in rugged environments. From general purpose measurement to flexible 3D gaging systems specifically designed for in-line or near-line applications, these tools are optimized for high acceleration and high probe speed movements, allowing for fast and efficient measurement processes. With their high-throughput capabilities, they excel in handling large volumes of measurements in a timely manner while thriving in dirty, noisy and temperature variable conditions.

MiSTAR 555

Experience the speed and simplicity of our general purpose compact CMM designed specifically for precision measurements on the shop floor.

FlexGauge T-Series

For small, high precision parts or families of parts as a rugged alternative to custom gauging systems in production.

FlexGauge C-Series

The C series expands the measurement range of the FlexGauge T-series to accommodate larger part sizes.


Introducing the world's fastest near-line/in-line vertical-axis CNC CMM, setting new standards for speed and efficiency.


Efficient and space-saving, the in-line horizontal CNC CMM offers a compact solution for precise measurements.


Discover the power of automation with our compact near-line/in-line 3D CNC CMM, offering precision measurements in a streamlined and efficient design.

Flexible Gaging Systems

For unique and specialized applications, our tailor-made measurement solutions, offer unrivaled capabilities.

Itaca Systems specializes in flexible measurement systems and software designed for applications that involve tactile probing. Our Itaca FlexGauge line of systems provides distinct advantages in terms of performance and cost of ownership when compared to conventional hard gauging setups.

The Itaca FlexGauge systems cater to users requiring measuring systems and software for small, highly precise parts or part families, offering flexibility in this regard. In comparison to traditional hard gauging systems, Itaca FlexGauge not only delivers performance benefits but also brings cost savings. These systems are specifically designed to facilitate quick and accurate measurements on the manufacturing floor, presenting a robust alternative to custom gauging systems.
Unique Probe Configuration
Single or Dual Probe options configured specifically for the application
High Speed Probing
Stable granite support structure and air bearing motion
Shop Floor Friendly
Built-In Thermal Compensation

Flexgauge C-Series

Automatic shop floor high-precision gaging systems capable of measuring medium to large size parts

Flexgauge T-Series

Programmable 3D measuring machines that can be set up to measure a wide variety of parts or families of similar parts

Form Measurement Machines

For unique and specialized applications, our tailor-made measurement solutions, offer unrivaled capabilities.

Mitutoyo offers advanced form measuring solutions that are highly effective in accurately evaluating intricate geometries. Whether the task involves measuring form shape, roundness, or surface roughness, Mitutoyo provides a wide range of solutions to cater to diverse applications. 

We provide compact manual instruments and high-precision motorized models to meet strict standards and tolerances.

Surface Roughness




We offer high-precision and high-performance surface roughness testers in both skid and skidless types.

SJ-210 – Portable Surface Roughness Tester

Compact and portable surface roughness measuring instrument for convenient on-the-go measurements.

SJ-310 – Portable Surface Roughness Tester

Compact and portable skidded surface roughness measuring instrument with a built-in printer for convenient on-the-go measurements and instant result printing.

SJ-410 – Portable Surface Roughness Tester 

High-accuracy, portable surface roughness measuring instrument available in both skidded and skidless types. Equipped with a high-resolution drive unit and detector for precise and detailed measurements.

Surftest SJ-500 / 500P 

High-performance and high-precision surface roughness tester designed to deliver accurate measurements with exceptional precision.

SV 2100 – Dedicated Processor – Column Type

High-precision, high-performance column/dedicated processor surface roughness measuring instrument.

SV-3000 CNC – Extreme Type 

The high-accuracy CNC surface roughness measuring instrument enables simultaneous surface roughness measurement in both the X and Y axes.


Features industry-leading drive unit and column axis speeds, offering the best-in-class performance. The quick stroke return speed allows for significantly faster measurements.
Mitutoyo offers a range of Contour measuring system models that are user-friendly and designed to accommodate a wide range of workpieces. These systems come in various sizes and accuracy levels, ensuring that there is an ideal Contour solution available for virtually any form measurement application.

Contracer CV-2100 – Contour

The FTA-C3000, equipped with a single-sided stylus, stands out as one of the swiftest contour measurement machines in its category.


Custom-built to perfection, our largest Mitutoyo high accuracy gantry CNC CMM offers unparalleled size and precision for your specific measurement needs.


The user-friendly FTA-C4000 is equipped with a dual-sided stylus, enabling rapid and efficient measurements.
Mitutoyo's roundness measuring instruments are renowned for their exceptional rotational accuracy and industry-leading precision in measuring roundness and cylindricity. Each model is equipped with a high-accuracy rotary turntable on an air bearing, ensuring stability and wear resistance. These instruments are designed to provide easy operation while delivering top-tier performance in roundness and cylindricity measurement.

RA-120 /120P – Roundness 

The Roundtest RA-120/120P is a compact, affordable, and user-friendly solution for measuring part geometry directly on the shop floor. It offers simplicity in operation while providing accurate measurements of part geometry.

Roundtest RA-1600/RA-1600M

The high-precision PC-based roundness/cylindricity measuring system offers exceptional accuracy in measuring roundness and cylindricity. With its integration with a PC, it provides advanced functionality and precise measurements for comprehensive analysis of part geometry.

RA-2200 – Roundness / Cylindricity Capable

The multi-functional, high-accuracy CNC roundness/cylindricity and surface roughness measuring system offers comprehensive capabilities for precise measurement and analysis. With its CNC functionality, it enables accurate assessments of roundness, cylindricity, and surface roughness, making it a versatile and reliable solution for advanced dimensional analysis.

RA-H5200 – Roundness / Cylindricity Capable

The high-accuracy, highly maneuverable roundness/cylindricity measuring system excels in precise measurements and offers advanced analysis capabilities. Its exceptional maneuverability allows for easy positioning and measurement of various components, making it a versatile solution for in-depth roundness and cylindricity analysis.

RA-2200 CNC – Extreme Type

Multi-functional, high-accuracy CNC measuring system for roundness, cylindricity, and surface roughness.

RA-H5200 CNC – Extreme type

Highly accurate CNC measuring system with automatic orientation control for roundness, cylindricity, and surface roughness measurements.

Roundtracer Extreme

High-end, all-in-one measuring machine for roundness, contour, and surface roughness measurements.

Roundtracer Flash

Roundtracer Flash is an optical measuring unit utilizing a side-by-side 2D image architecture for precise measurements.
The Mitutoyo Dual Type contour and surface roughness measuring systems integrate two essential form measuring capabilities, enhancing inspection efficiency.

CS-3300 – Singular Detector Type

The Formtracer CS-3300 Series is a collection of surface roughness and contour measuring systems that offer high functionality and user-friendliness. These systems are designed with innovative features that enhance their performance and usability.

FTA-D3000 – Dual Detector – One Sided Contour Stylus Type

This system is a flexible combination of detectors that can efficiently and rapidly measure contour and surface roughness. It consists of a single-sided stylus and supports interchangeable detector heads for different measurement purposes.

FTA-D4000 – Dual Detector – Dual-sided Contour Stylus Type

A measuring system has been developed that combines a hybrid dual detector and a dual-sided contour stylus for accurately measuring surface roughness. This system offers improved measurement speed and efficiency, along with automation features to enhance ease of use. It provides a diverse array of features and can be expanded with optional detectors for added functionality.

Formtracer Extreme CS-5000CNC / CS-H5000CNC

The Formtracer Extreme CS-5000CNC/ CS-H5000CNC measurement device achieves fast and precise measurements by simultaneously capturing surface roughness and contour in a single trace. It operates at high speeds while maintaining high levels of accuracy.

Laser Scanning Systems

Unleash the potential of 3D scanning to capture intricate geometries and reverse engineer parts with exceptional accuracy, facilitating efficient prototyping and design validation.

ShapeGrabber 3D Scanners – automated 3D scanners are ideal for measuring complex-shaped parts where speed, complete coverage and ease-of-use are important

Cobra – Economical laser scanner that quickly scans virtually any surface to produce high-resolution 2D or 3D profiles (depending on model)

Lazer 200 – Non-contact, self-contained laser metrology system


Automated 3D scanning systems


Non-contact laser profiling systems

Lazer 200

Innovated non-contact measuring system that uses laser scanning with video

Multisensor Measurement Systems

Why Multisensor?
Multisensing delivers comprehensive 3D measurement data through a single measuring machine. Video, contact probes, lasers, and micro-probes collaborate to achieve total part characterization with improved accuracy, all in a significantly reduced timeframe compared to separate measuring systems.


SmartScope measurement systems are one of the world’s most popular and versatile dimensional measurement systems for precision measurement challenges.

SmartScope 3D multi-sensor systems integrate optical, laser, and tactile sensors, allowing for more comprehensive and efficient part measurements with reduced uncertainty and shorter processing times.


The Fusion® systems represent a cutting-edge category of 3D multisensor measurement systems, known for their innovation and high speed. 

They integrate an outstanding large field-of-view (LFOV) optical system with versatile multisensor capabilities, creating a distinct and highly productive family of metrology systems.


FlexPoint™ represents the latest generation of multisensor coordinate measuring machines introduced by OGP®. This innovative system combines a unique array of sensors with CAD-based programming, addressing a diverse range of dimensional measurement challenges effectively.


SparkMVP is a high-performance, automated dimensional measuring system designed for manufacturing quality control. Its exceptional capabilities lie in measuring fine features, and it efficiently conducts complete part measurements automatically.

Optical Comparators

Harness the power of non-contact optical measurement to precisely inspect delicate and complex parts, enabling you to capture detailed surface data without altering the object.

Cutting-Edge Optics, Lighting, and Automation Technologies for Enhanced Productivity and Profitability.
Optical Comparators from OGP combine cutting-edge optics, lighting, and automation technologies for enhanced productivity and profitability. The benchtop and floor model offerings are the industry’s best value and performance solutions for non-contact shop floor measurement.

Contour Projectors – Enhanced Shop-Floor Measurement
Optical comparators are a cornerstone of shop-floor measurement, known for their robust construction and expansive viewing screens that facilitate fast and straightforward measurements. Traditional video measurement systems offer both high magnification and the efficiency of automated measurement. OGP's benchtop and floor model optical comparators stand out as the industry's top-performing and most cost-effective solutions for non-contact measurements.

C-vision Video Contour Projectors – Unmatched Shop-Floor Precision
C-vision Video Contour Projectors seamlessly merge the speed and accuracy of a video measurement system with the rugged capabilities of an optical comparator, establishing themselves as the premier tools for 2D measurement on the shop floor. These video measurement systems leverage high magnification and rapid automated measurement through a high-resolution digital image. With a 60% larger magnification range compared to standard comparators, users can accurately measure features up to 4 inches without repositioning the worktable, ensuring precise examination of intricate part details. c-vision benchtop and floor models are specifically engineered to handle large, heavy parts with a substantial load capacity of up to 300 lbs.

Contour Projectors

Contour Projectors combine cutting-edge optics, lighting, and automation technologies for enhanced productivity and profitability


Video Contour Projectors combine the speed and accuracy of a video measurement system with the rugged capacity of an optical comparator

Turncheck Shaft

For unique and specialized applications, our tailor-made measurement solutions, offer unrivaled capabilities.

TurnCheck systems are highly accurate optical devices crafted for the precise measurement of shafts and cylindrical components. Every model within the TurnCheck family is engineered for user-friendly operation and reliable accuracy, even in challenging shop-floor environments.

Designed with the end-users in mind, TurnCheck systems feature advanced optics, durable materials, and intelligent controls, ensuring swift and accurate setup and measurements with ease.

Turncheck Series

Automated 3D scanning systems

Video Measuring Systems

Harness the power of non-contact optical measurement to precisely inspect delicate and complex parts, enabling you to capture detailed surface data without altering the object.

StarLite Semi-Automatic Video Measurement Systems – StarLite 150 is compact and reliable video measurement system combining fully automatic measurements with easy to use manual stage motion.

SNAP Large FOV Video Measuring Systems – SNAP™ measurement systems make complex measurements easy and accurate – it’s as simple as placing a part on the stage and pressing go.


The easiest to use precision measurement systems offered by OGP by combining versatile zoom optics with a digital color camera and an easy-to-operate stage


Make complex measurements easv and accurate - it's as simple as placing a part on the stage and pressing go

OGP Sensors & Accessories

From advanced optical sensors that capture intricate details with unparalleled precision to a diverse range of accessories tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries, OGP's offerings ensure a seamless integration of technology into the measurement process. These sensors and accessories play a pivotal role in elevating quality control and inspection procedures across manufacturing sectors.

Whether it's high-resolution cameras, precision probes, or specialized fixtures, OGP Sensors and Accessories empower businesses to optimize their measurement systems for enhanced productivity and reliability.
Transform optical comparators into modern, high-tech measuring systems. Exclusive TruLight® LED lighting from OGP provide high brightness LEDs which  offer...
Projectron™ auto edge detection is an internally mounted unit that automatically locates edges using gray-scale processing. Mounted internally in the...
OGP optical comparator charts are produced from CAD generated masters scribed on a high precision plotter for uniform line weight...
Projectron™ auto edge detection is an internally mounted unit that automatically locates edges using gray-scale processing. Mounted internally in the...
SmartRing light illuminators accomplish difficult tasks by providing light that is programmable for both direction and incidence angle.   Consisting...
Enhance the contact contouring capabilities of your OGP system by integrating the SP25M scanning probe. This user-friendly feature enables you...
For the Ultimate in Probing Flexibility Use either a Touch Trigger or Scanning Probe With a PH10 Plus    ...
An Integrated Laser Option for OGP Measurement Systems Through-the-Lens Lasers provide a non-contact approach to surface measurement, utilizing point focus for...
The TeleStar® Probe serves as a self-contained off-axis partial coherence interferometric range sensor designed for measuring surface contours. With sub-micron...
Long working distance, high-resolution interferometric range sensor.   The TeleStar® Plus TTL laser utilizes distinctive interferometric sensing technology, providing exceptional...
FIXED TELECENTRIC OPTICS ON AN ARTICULATING HEAD SmartProbe is a unique video sensor that can be affixed to a flexible probe...
High resolution, non-contact optical sensor for surface measurements. Rainbow Probe™ is an electro-optical device that measures surfaces without contact by...
Micro-touch probing to measure fragile or miniature features. The Feather Probe by OGP offers access to petite features that cannot...
Determines Surface Heights, Through Laser Triangulation Dynamic range laser sensor for height and surface profile measurements. Select SmartScope systems feature...