Your Advanced Manufacturing Business Partner

Indicate Technologies Inc. | est. 2004


At Indicate Technologies, our mission is to catalyze success. Existing manufacturing processes are challenged by new requirements and competitive demands to produce higher quality parts at higher throughput and lower cost. Product life cycles are becoming shorter, tolerances . . . tighter, expert resources . . . more scarce and more expensive. Industry must innovate to succeed. Productivity and ease of use are hallmarks of successful solutions in this modern environment.

What We do


Mutual Success

The work we do is designed for all partners to come out ahead. We share mutual success with our customers, suppliers, and ourselves. We call this The Triple Win.

Pushing the Limits

We partner with designers and makers of high-quality products who are pushing the limits of advanced manufacturing technologies to realize their goals.

We leverage our core competencies in applied dimensional metrology, additive manufacturing, and 3D scanning to deliver key insights into innovations and pathways to achieve those innovations.

We Provide

1. Consistent access to the finest technologies and methods
2. Expert guidance towards meeting desired business outcomes
3. Solutions with new capabilities, high performance, and low costs.
4. Effective channel-to-market sales

Why Us?


We are local

With offices in Silicon Valley and Vancouver WA, we are dedicated to serving the West Coast and Pacific Northwest regions.

We provide unrivaled support

Our customer service and service engineering teams aim to build relationships with customers and provide unmatched after-sales service and support.

We are fueled by a passion for innovation

In the constantly changing world of advanced manufacturing, we are excited to offer solutions to manufacturing challenges using the latest groundbreaking technologies. Our team shares this passion and is excited to work with companies and partners to realize their goals.
Metrology Core Founding Member
Metrology Core is a group of metrology sales and service organizations committed to meeting the challenges faced by our customers in the advanced manufacturing industry. 
These challenges include the miniaturization of components, tightening of tolerances, shortening of lead times, and pressures for cost reduction. Our members share resources, best practices, and innovations, to support our efficiency and effectiveness as critical suppliers.

Metrology Core members strive for the mutual benefit of our partners by delivering high levels of satisfaction for our customers, suppliers, and organizations.