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Revolutionize the way you design, test, iterate, prototype, manufacture and innovate.

Capture, Design and Inspect

3D Scanning Solutions

Improve your workflow with the right 3D scanner.

Achieve better motion capture, augmented reality, orthopedics, prosthetics, industrial design, reverse engineering, quality control, and more.  

We have partnered with manufacturers of the latest 3D scanning technologies in data capture, transfer and processing to deliver more accessible solutions to new and experienced users.

3D Scanners

If your goal is excellence in Visual Appearance, Material Integrity, or Mechanical Functionality, our scanners and workflow tools can produce the results you need.  

Accessible to New and Experienced users in formats for Design, Manufacturing, Quality Control, CGI, VR/AR, Animation, Orthotics to Prosthetics, Architecture, Materials Development, and Spatial Clearance applications.  

Good 3D Models depend on Good Data.  Our scanners deliver.


Learn how professionals are using 3D scanners for quality control, reverse engineering, preservation and more.

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3D Scanning Service

Create a 3D duplicate of your existing object through our 3D scanning services.

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Márcio's 3D Corner

Explore Márcio’s journey digitizing our world, while learning what’s new in 3D scanning.

Build Anything

3D Printing Solutions

Build almost anything in almost any material.

Concept models, functional prototypes, end-use parts, tooling, jigs, fixtures, digital manufacturing, and even living tissue. 

General purpose plastics, engineering-grade plastics, high-performance PEEK and ultem, carbon fibers, fiberglass composites, kevlar composites, stainless steel, titanium, copper, wood and bio-active materials. 

3D Printers

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, uses different technologies to build parts layer-by-layer.

The technologies vary in the way they form parts out of filament, resin and metal. Each technology differs in capability, including: affordability, speed, cost, reliability, material selection, accuracy, resolution and surface finish.

Finding the right 3D printing technology is dependent on understanding what those technologies are and the strengths and weaknesses of each. 


Learn how designers, engineers and educators use 3D printers to prototype, iterate, manufacture and drive in-house innovation.

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3D printing materials’ unique characteristics unlock unlimited possibilities when it comes to application potential.

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3D Printing Service

Take advantage of our 3D printing service to help you develop, iterate and manufacture more effectively.

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Precision Measurement

Metrology Solutions

Meet rigorous requirements and future-proof your measurement capability.  Be authoritative with measurement results.  

Let us show you how optics, lasers, touch probes, scanning probes, interferometry, confocal, structured light and micro sensors can be used to meet your business objectives.

Measurement Systems

Be authoritative with measurement results.  Future-proof measurement capability.  Make an investment in measurement capital go beyond the minimum requirement. 

Our measurement systems meet rigorous requirements.  These tools measure from microns down to single nanometers.  Many incorporate multiple sensors and measurement modes providing versatility to acquire data on challenging samples and surface conditions with a single setup.  Consolidating multiple inspections in a single tool is efficient, flexible to accommodate change, and helps produce high confidence data in a small footprint.


Measurement systems deliver accuracy, repeatability and reliability for challenging measurement tasks.

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Contract Inspection

Our extensive array of instruments is operated by our expert staff in temperature-controlled and cleanroom facilities.

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Application Engineering

Consult with our team of applications engineers to improve your products and manufacturing workflows.

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