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Roundtest RA-1600/RA-1600M

The RA-1600/RA-1600M roundness/cylindricity measuring system delivers exceptional precision and powerful analysis capabilities, setting a benchmark for roundness and cylindrical measurements within its class.

Product Features 

Spiral-mode measurement combines table rotation and rectilinear action for continuous data sets.

Built-in X-axis linear scale enables measurement while tracing for form variations.

Enhanced detector safety functions minimize damage to machine and workpieces.

Analysis results visualized in 3D graphics for cylindricity and coaxiality.
Continuous OD/ID measurement without detector repositioning.

High rotational accuracy maintained for entry-level to mid-range model.

PC-based Roundtest for shop floor and laboratory use.

Easy centering and leveling with mechanical mic heads.

Accidental touch function prevents movement when detector exceeds range.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The RA-1600/RA-1600M roundness/cylindricity measuring system adheres to PC standards and offers advanced analysis capabilities suitable for both shop floor and laboratory settings. With its precise and user-friendly turntable, the unit allows effortless and dependable centering and leveling on a diverse range of workpieces.
Technical Data
Bearing Type:

Rotating Speed:
10, 4, 6rpm

Table Diameter:
5.9" / 150mm

Table Centering Range (With DAT function):
± .12" / ± 3mm

Table Leveling Range:

Max Table Loading:
55lbs / 25kg

Table Max Probing Diameter:
11" / 280mm

Table Max Loading Diameter:
22" / 560mm

Column Traverse Method:

Column Measuring Speed:
.5, 1, 2mm/s

Column Traverse Range:
11.8" / 300mm

Column Max Probing Height:
11.8" / 300mm

Column Max Probing Depth:
(Over ø1.26) 3.6" / (Over ø0.27) 1.97" / (Over ø32) 91mm / (Over ø7) 50mm

Radial Traverse Method:

Radial Traverse Range:
6.5" / 165mm

Radial Drive Speed (Max):

Radial measuring speed:
.5, 1, 2mm/s

Detector Measuring Force:
10 to 50 mN

Detector Stylus Tip:
Carbide ball diameter .06" / Carbide ball diameter 1.6mm

Standard Detector measuring range:
±4, ±40, ±400μm

Follow Detector measuring range:

Detector Measuring Direction:

Stylus Angle Adjustment:

Data Sampling Points:

Air pressure:
.39 Mpa

Main Unit Dimensions:
35 x 19.3 x 33" / 890 x 490 x 840mm

Main Unit Mass:
375lbs / 170kg