Rotary Indexers

Our measurement systems equipped with rotary indexers provide a comprehensive characterization of symmetric parts and components with significant features on multiple sides. Available in various capacities, resolutions, and both simple and compound configurations, these rotary systems enable complete 4 and 5-axis measurements within a single setup.


Brings true fourth axis measuring capability to
OGP dimensional measurement svstems
The MicroTheta™ Rotary brings true fourth axis measuring capability to OGP dimensional measurement systems.

Automatically rotate parts to present a different view to the measuring system, with no need to re-measure datum features

OGP 3D metrology software includes rotary axis calibration routines to locate the rotary in 3D space
MicroTheta Rotary may be mounted horizontally or vertically, per application requirements

Pair the MicroTheta Rotary with other OGP rotaries to add a fifth axis of rotation

2 arc seconds

± 5 arc seconds


Compact angular positioning device offering mounting flexibility in orienting the rotational axis
The Miniature Servo Rotary (MSR™) stands as a compact angular positioning device seamlessly integrated with OGP metrology software, offering flexible mounting options for orienting the rotational axis.

Automate part rotation to present varied perspectives to the measuring system, reducing the necessity for multiple part setups. Incorporate part rotation seamlessly into OGP metrology software measurement routines, eliminating the manual refixture of parts.

The mounting bracket facilitates horizontal or vertical axis applications, while the combination of MSR and MTR enables rotary motions in two perpendicular axes.

± 30 arc seconds

± 2 arc minutes


Machine tool type rotary designed to hold heavy parts
The Heavy Duty Rotary (HDR) is a robust machine tool-type rotary designed to securely hold substantial parts, accommodating weights up to 30 kg-cm. It introduces authentic fourth-axis measurement capabilities to designated floor model SmartScope® systems equipped with ZONE3 metrology software. With the HDR, automated part rotation during the measurement routine allows for presenting virtually any view to the system, eliminating the need to re-measure datum features post-rotation.

Calibration routines for the rotary axis establish its spatial location and align all feature measurements with the XYZ axes of the measurement system. The software's interactive model facilitates straightforward relational measurements between features assessed at different rotary positions.

The Heavy Duty Rotary (HDR) Dual Rotary stage offers genuine 4th axis control, streamlining processes by eliminating the requirement for multiple fixtures. It enables a single-origin setup for all features, accommodating measurements of intricate geometries and features at any compound angle, including turbine blades, injectors, complex prismatic parts, and more.

For added versatility, the HDR rotary can be paired with an MTR or a second HDR rotary, introducing a fifth axis of rotation

3.6 arc seconds

± 5 arc seconds


Automatic part rotation to present features to available sensors at set angles for subsequent measurement
Combine two rotary indexers with their axes set perpendicular to each other to introduce two additional axes of part positioning to designated SmartScope® systems.

The inspected part is affixed to the secondary rotary, mounted onto the primary rotary. This configuration allows the part to be rotated in two distinct axes, offering a mechanism to align features with compound angles within the optical sensor axis's line of sight. It also brings these features within the operational range of laser sensors or touch probes for precise measurements.

Multiple configurations of rotaries can be established, adapting to specific applications and the machine's available measurement envelope.