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The FTA-C3000 boasts new features and software that elevate it to the ranks of the fastest contour measurement machines in its class. Not only does it offer exceptional speed, but it also provides the flexibility to upgrade the machine easily. Additionally, the FTA-C3000 is capable of conducting surface roughness measurements, further enhancing its versatility and functionality.

Product Features 

Mounting arm with magnet-type attachment system improves measurement efficiency on the Z1-axis contour detector.

Hot swapping enables seamless switching between the contour detector and optional roughness detector without powering off the machine.

Tool-less replacement mechanism using a thumb-turn clamp allows for fast switching between detectors.
Stylus drop detection feature identifies sudden stylus drops and halts the measurement operation.

Collision monitoring ensures safe measurements during high-speed movements of the magnet arm and detector cover.

Optional accessories for automatic measurement automate the setup and measurement processes.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The Mitutoyo Formtracer Avant C3000 Series Contracer stands out with its superior drive speed for both the drive unit and column axis, accompanied by a quick stroke return speed that enables significantly faster measurements. 

The single-sided stylus ensures precise measurements for one-sided and bottom surfaces with excellent accuracy. With a wide X-axis drive range of ±45°, inclinations can be swiftly and efficiently measured without the need for adjusting the measuring force. 

Furthermore, the contour detector head can be effortlessly replaced with an optional surface roughness detector, enhancing the versatility and power of the Formtracer Avant C3000, making it a highly adaptable measurement solution.
Technical Data
Resolution X-Axis:
1.97μin / .05μm

Measuring Method:
Ultra high precision linear encoder

Drive speed (software):
0 - 3.15in/s / 0 - 80mm/s

Drive speed (joystick):
0 - 1.57in/s / 0 - 40mm/s

Measuring Speed:
.00078 - 1.2 in/s / .02 - 30 mm/s

Measuring direction:

X-axis inclination angle:

Z1-axis detector measuring range:
2.4" / 60mm

Z1-axis detector measuring method:
RT detector

Measuring Force:

Stylus tip (Diamond, angle °/ tip radius):
12°/ 1000μin

Column resolution:

Column Resolution:

Z2-axis Measuring Method:
ABS linear encoder

Column Z2-axis drive speed (Software):
0 - 1.2in/s / 0 - 30mm/s

Z2-axis drive speed (manual joystick):
0 - 1.2in/s / 0 - 30mm/s