The CRYSTA-Apex V series

CRYSTA-APEX EX 1200R Measurement Systems Mitutoyo - Indicate Technologies


The CRYSTA-Apex EX 1200R series is a highly advanced computer numerical control coordinate measuring machine (CNC CMM) that comes with the REVO 5-axis scanning probe head. By employing 5-axis functionality, this machine enables quicker movements and measurements of the probe.

Product Features 

The REVO scanning probe head provides exceptionally fast 5-axis scanning capabilities.

Minimizes the time needed for probe repositioning, allowing for more flexible positioning.

3D CAD modeling enables efficient programming both online and offline.
An optional module changer facilitates automatic probe changes.

The CMM supports the use of RSP2 for 5-axis scanning probe and SP25M type RSP3 probe, specifically designed for cranked stylus applications.

Temperature compensation ensures accurate measurements within the temperature range of 16 to 26°C, even without a temperature-controlled environment.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The utilization of 5-axis operation on the Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex EX 1200 R CNC CMM with the REVO scanning probe head leads to decreased probe repositioning time, resulting in faster measurements. 

It also enables easy handling of intricate workpieces, thereby saving time during programming and measurement processes. 

The 5-axis scanning capability offers significantly higher speed compared to traditional 3-axis control, allowing for rapid sampling of up to 4,000 points per second. With the incorporation of laser sensing technology, the CMM ensures precise measurements, even when using elongated styli.

Technical Data

Coordinate Measuring Machine - CNC

Units: Inch, Metric

Resolution: 0.000004" (0.0001mm)

Guide Method:
Air bearing on each axis

Material: Granite

Worktable Tapped Inserts: M8 x 1.25mm

Environment: 64.4-71.6°F / 18-22°C

Vibration Stand: Optional

Probe System: REVO

Touch Trigger Probe: RSP2, RSP3, RSP3-6

Scanning Probe: RSP2, RSP3, RSP3-6

Surface Roughness Probe: SFP2

Laser Probe: SurfaceMeasure