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Contour Projectors

Complete Line of Optical Comparators With the World’s Most Advanced Measurement Technologies

Optical comparators stand as the cornerstone of shop-floor measurement, with their robust build and expansive viewing screens ensuring quick and straightforward measurements. Contour Projectors® Horizontal Optical Comparators, a signature offering from OGP, are renowned for providing the industry's optimal balance of value and performance in non-contact measurement. OGP's benchtop and floor model comparators incorporate state-of-the-art optical, lighting, and automation technologies, enabling precision in tight tolerances and applicability across a broad spectrum of manufacturing processes.

Rooted in OGP's foundational technology, Contour Projectors are available in both the 14-inch Focus benchtop model and the 20-inch QL-20 floor model, offering flexibility to select the comparator that aligns with your specific application needs. All new OGP comparators are equipped with the latest comparator technology, ensuring cutting-edge features and performance.
Accurate image with exceptionally low distortion over entire viewing area
Telecentric optics with constant working distance magnification changing lens turrets
Vectored light control
Versatile Tru-Light® LED Illumination
Ideal for real world, shop environments
Rugged steel air filtered enclosure providing protection for all internal optical elements
Create and run measurement routines, perform "walk-up and measure" tasks well as fitting the measurement data to 2D CAD for profile and GD&T analysis
VidiProbe, eCAD® and Measure-X™ software for electronic chart gages and 2D video measurement


High quality, full-function 14" optical comparators with the most advanced technology available


The most popular shop-floor comparator, providing an extensive range of features in a hardened, work-ready system.