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Formtracer Extreme CS-5000CNC / CS-H5000CNC

The Formtracer Extreme CS-5000CNC/ CS-H5000CNC measurement device achieves fast and precise measurements by simultaneously capturing surface roughness and contour in a single trace. It operates at high speeds while maintaining high levels of accuracy.

Product Features 

The Z1-axis detector is equipped with an anti-collision safety device that automatically halts the machine in case of a collision between the main body and a workpiece.

Models featuring the a-axis allow the detector unit to be power tilted, facilitating uninterrupted measurements on both horizontal and inclined surfaces.

Models with the Y-axis table enable positioning in the Y-axis direction, expanding the measuring range to accommodate multiple workpieces.
The remote control unit enables secure, effortless, and swift measurements.

The key tops display icons for easy identification of the currently selected axis, providing convenient guidance for operators.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The Formtracer Extreme CS-5000CNC/ CS-H5000CNC measuring device integrates a Mitutoyo Laser Holoscale in the X1- and Z1-axes to achieve precise and simultaneous measurements of surface roughness and contours. 

The Z1-Axis detector uses an active control technique, enabling a broad range of measurement capabilities while maintaining consistent dynamic measuring force. With fast drive speeds in its X1- and Z2 axes, the unit allows rapid positioning and enhances efficiency for accurate measurements on multiple profiles and workpieces.
Technical Data

Range X-Axis:
8" / 200mm

Resolution X-Axis:
.2μin / .005μm

Measurement method (X-axis):
Laser Holoscale

X-axis Drive speed (software):
0 - 1.57 in/s / 0 - 40 mm/s

Measuring speed (Surface):
.00078 - .008in/s / .02 - .2mm/s

Measuring speed (Contour):
.0008 - .08in/s / .02 - 2mm/s

Measuring direction (Surface):

Alpha-axis resolution:

Alpha-axis rotating speed:

Column resolution:

Column Resolution:

Z2-axis Measuring Method:
RT Linear encoder

Column Z2-axis drive speed (Software):
0 - 7.87in/s / 0 - 200mm/s

Z2-axis drive speed (manual joystick):
0 - 1.97in/s / 0 - 50mm/s

Detector Z-Resolution (Standard Stylus):
.47in / 12mm / .03μin / .008μm

Detector Z-Resolution (Using 2x Stylus):
.94in / 24mm / .06μin / .0016μm

Z1-axis Detecting method:
Laser holoscale

Measuring force (Standard stylus):

Measuring force (Using 2x stylus):

Standard Stylus tip (Diamond, angle °/ tip radius μm):
40/5 (Diamond, angle °/ tip radius μm)

Stylus tip (Sapphire, tip radius mm) (Standard ball-tip):
.25(Sapphire, tip radius mm)(Standard ball-tip)

Stylus tip (Diamond, angle °/ tip radius μm) (Using 2x stylus):
40/5(Diamond, angle °/ tip radius μm)

Stylus tip (Sapphire, tip radius mm) (Using 2x ball-tip stylus):
.25(Sapphire, tip radius mm)(Using 2x ball-tip stylus)

Granite base:
29.5x23.6" / 750x600mm

Main Unit Dimensions:
31.5x24.4x39.4" / 800x620x1000mm

Main Unit Mass:
529lbs / 240kg

Vibration isolation stand method:
Diaphragm air spring

Vibration isolation stand natural frequency:
Vertical: 2.5 to 3.5Hz

Vibration isolation stand damping mechanism:

Vibration isolation stand leveling mechanism:
Automatic control with mechanical sensor

Vibration isolation stand air supply pressure:

Vibration isolation stand loading capacity mass:
771.6lbs / 350kg

Vibration isolation stand dimensions:
42.5x39.2x28.1" / 1080x995x715mm

Vibration isolation stand mass:
694lbs / 315kg