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Turncheck Shaft Measuring Systems

Designed to measure shafts and other cylindrical parts

TurnCheck systems are precision optical instruments designed to measure shafts and other cylindrical parts. Each member of the TurnCheck family is built for ease of use and consistent accuracy, even in difficult shop-floor conditions.

TurnCheck systems are built for the people who use them: With advanced optics, rugged materials, and intelligent controls to make set up and measurements fast, accurate and easy.
Accurate measurements in shop floor conditions where vibration and temperature variation may not be tightly controlled
Rugged baseplate with adjustable vibration damping leveling feet
Highly rigid support for the optical motion assembly
Extruded aluminum column with an internal lattice
Clear, highly accurate images
Illumination system produces highly collimated light with a constant wavelength
Crisp, uniformly magnified image across the entire field of view, with no edge effects or exclusion zones
Receiving optics are fully telecentric with each element designed to eliminate distortion

Turncheck Series-6

High performance benchtop shaft measurement system

Turncheck Series-10

High performance shaft measuring machine

Turncheck Series-14

Large capacity shaft measuring machine