TurnCheck Series - 10 - Measurement Systems - OGP - Indicate Technologies
TurnCheck Series - 10 - Measurement Systems - OGP - Indicate Technologies

TurnCheck Series-10

High Performance Floor Model Shaft Measuring Machine.


The TurnCheck Series-10 systems present a rapid and straightforward solution for measuring shafts, cylinders, and other turned, ground, or extruded parts. The process is as simple as placing the part and pressing GO.


Designed for shop floor environments, TurnCheck Series-10 systems are precision optical measuring instruments known for their ruggedness and reliability, capable of accommodating parts up to 175 mm in diameter and 800 mm in length. Using its telecentric, large field of view optical system, TurnCheck can scan and measure a part within seconds. With a 100 mm wide field of view and vertical range options of 400, 600, or 800 mm, TurnCheck Series-10 systems are versatile enough to handle various turned or ground parts. The TurnCheck software facilitates easy measurement of diameters, lengths, distances, angles, radii, form, position, cylindricity, and runout. It can also output point data for external analysis.


OGP TurnCheck Series-10 Features 

The movable tailstock assembly is designed for one-handed operation, allowing precision mechanical alignment of the workpiece. 

Optional workholding kits for the spindle accommodate workpieces without centers.
The granite base support for rotary provides a rigid foundation and effectively isolates vibrations.

 OGP Turncheck Series-10 Configurations



Technical Data

Measuring Range (mm)
10|40 – 400 L x 100 Ø
10|60 – 600 L x 100 Ø
10|80 – 800 L x 100 Ø

10|40 – 400 L x 175 ∅
10|60 – 600 L x 175 ∅
10|80 – 800 L x 175 ∅


Turncheck Software

TurnCheck software is fast and easy to program with a focus on what you want to measure rather than how to measure it. Automatic feature extraction immediately finds and measures all part features in a single scan. A single image displaying the entire part allows you to easily see all basic shaft measurements at once. Rotational scans can be done for form and runout measurements providing plots to truly visualize the results.

EVOLVE Smartprofile

EVOLVE SmartProfile stands as the premier dimensional analysis solution globally. This software offers assistance in incorporating or adjusting part design tolerances, seamlessly integrating measurement data with the part's CAD model. It then automatically conducts GD&T evaluations (ASME) and GPS assessments (ISO). Equipped with a robust toolkit, engineers can effectively dissect and resolve intricate manufacturing challenges.

OGP TurnCheck Shop Floor Optical Shaft Measurement Systems