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FTA - C4000 - Measurement Systems - Mitutoyo - Indicate Technologies


With its dual-sided stylus and a range of new features and software, the FTA-C4000 stands out as one of the swiftest, most efficient, and user-friendly Contracers available in the market.

Product Features 

Improved measurement efficiency by mounting an arm onto the Z1-axis contour detector using a magnet-type attachment system.

Seamless switching between the contour detector and roughness detector with hot swapping, eliminating the need to power off the machine.

Faster switching between detectors facilitated by the tool-less replacement mechanism using a thumb-turn clamp.
Stylus drop detection feature halts the measurement operation upon detecting any sudden drop of the stylus.

Collision monitoring ensures safe measurements during high-speed movements of the magnet arm and detector cover.

Optional accessories for automatic measurement automate processes from setup to measurement, streamlining operations.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The Mitutoyo FTA-C4000 features a dual-sided conical stylus that enables seamless measurement of both upper and lower face contours, including the effective diameter of screw threads.

The selectable measuring force functionality eliminates the requirement to adjust the measuring force by exchanging weights or altering the orientation, resulting in faster and more efficient measurements. 

Moreover, with the inclusion of an optional surface roughness detector head, the FTA-C4000 can swiftly perform both surface roughness and contour measurements using the machine's unique hot swap feature.
Technical Data
Resolution X-Axis:
1.97μin / .05μm

Measuring Method:
Ultra high precision linear encoder

Drive speed (software):
0 - 3.15in/s / 0 - 80mm/s

Drive speed (joystick):
0 - 1.57in/s / 0 - 40mm/s

Measuring Speed:
.00078 - 1.2 in/s / .02 - 30 mm/s

Measuring direction:

X-axis inclination angle:

Z1-axis detector measuring range: 2.4" / 60mm

Z1-axis detector measuring method:
RT detector

Measuring Force:
10, 20, 30, 40, 50mN

One-sided cut Stylus tip (angle °/ radius):
12°/ 1000µin / 12°/ 25µm

Duel-sided cut Stylus tip (angle °/ radius):
30°/ 1000µin / 30°/ 25µm

Column resolution:

Column Resolution:

Z2-axis Measuring Method:
ABS linear encoder

Column Z2-axis drive speed (Software):
0 - 1.2in/s / 0 - 30mm/s

Z2-axis drive speed (manual joystick):
0 - 1.2in/s / 0 - 30mm/s