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Itaca FlexGauge T-Series

Programmable 3D measuring machine that can be set up to measure a wide variety of parts or families of similar parts.



Itaca FlexGauge T-Series: Precision 3D Measuring Machines for Diverse Parts

Itaca FlexGauge T-Series stands as a category of programmable 3D measuring machines designed for versatility, enabling the measurement of various parts or families of similar components. These high-accuracy systems are specifically engineered for shop floor applications, featuring air-bearing stages and a high-performance motion controller. The T-Series machines excel in performing measurements on small, intricate parts with complex features and tight tolerances, including gears, valve bodies, CV joints, racks, and ballscrews.

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    Itaca FlexGauge T-Series Features 

    High Speed Probing

    Single or dual probe configurations

    Touch-Trigger or Scanning Probe
    Shop Floor Friendly with Built-In Thermal Compensation

    Flexible Software

    Itaca FlexGauge T-Series Configurations


    Sensors & Accessories


    Technical Data

    T-16 160 x 100 x 160 mm
    T-25 250 x 160 x 250 mm


    Tactile Sensor
    Touch Probe
    Expanding the measurement capabilities of OGP's systems, single-point touch-trigger probing allows for the assessment of features challenging to image or surface boundaries inaccessible to video, enhancing overall measurement versatility.
    Tactile Sensor
    Scanning Probe
    Automatically Acquires Data Points Between User-Defined Start and End Points - Regardless of Surface Complexity



    Perform Dimensional Calculations on Critical Part Information
    A very capable, flexible and yet intuitive metrology software, TANGRAM offers a totally graphical approach with no need to learn any complex programming language and fits each customer need perfectly. TANGRAM is developed for users who need simple, economic, easy to use metrology software that does only what they need.

    Itaca FlexGauge T-16