The CRYSTA-Apex V series

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CRYSTA-Apex V Series

The CRYSTA-Apex V series CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines are renowned for their exceptional versatility. These machines provide multi-sensor flexibility, allowing for the integration of various measurement technologies such as vision, laser, surface finish, and scanning probes. This versatility enables fast and accurate measurements, making the CRYSTA-Apex V series an ideal choice for a wide range of measurement applications.

Product Features 

SMS (Smart Measuring System)
An on-line monitoring system that provides real-time operational status of a measuring machine, allowing for data visualization to enhance product quality improvement.

Standard feature
Real-time CMM and workpiece temperature compensation, ensuring accurate measurements even in varying temperature conditions.
Optimal path scanning capability with active scanning technology, enabling rapid and efficient scanning processes.

Support for multi-sensor functionality Offering a wide range of contact and non-contact probes, including tactile, scanning, laser, optical, and surface finish measuring probes.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The CRYSTA-Apex V series represents a cutting-edge advancement in CNC CMM technology, offering exceptional versatility and speed. By harnessing the power of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, it also presents opportunities for integration into smart factory environments. With a size range spanning from 400mm to 4000mm (15.7" to 157.47"), the CRYSTA-Apex V provides unparalleled accuracy, surpassing any previous general-purpose measuring machine available for small to mid-sized workpieces.

Technical Data

Technology: Coordinate Measuring Machine - CNC
Units: Inch, Metric
Resolution: 0.000004" (0.0001mm)
Guide Method: Air bearing on each axis
Worktable Material: Granite
Worktable Tapped Inserts: M8 x 1.25mm
Environment: 64.4-71.6°F / 18-22°C
Vibration Stand: Optional
Scanning Probe: MPP, SP25, SP80
Laser Probe: SurfaceMeasure
Surface Roughness Probe: SurfTest