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Flexpoint 7/9/12 Series Measurement Systems OGP 7-Series - Indicate Technologies
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FlexPoint provides an exclusive blend of sensors and CAD-based programming. Built around the patented VersaFlex multisensor head, providing a unique blend of precision, flexibility, and speed to solve a wide variety of dimensional measurement problems for large parts.

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OGP FlexPoint Features 

Floor model, Articulating Probe Head with VersaFlex sensor cluster - SmartProbe Video probe and SP25 Scanning probe.

Multisensor Advantage
FlexPoint boasts a versatile array of sensors, supporting both tactile and non-contact options such as the SP25, TeleStar Probe, and SmartProbe video sensor.

High-Quality Construction
Designed for stability during transport, FlexPoint features a robust construction utilizing carefully chosen materials, rigid body members, air bearings on all axes, and active temperature compensation. This design ensures reliable performance even in demanding shop floor environments.

Options: TeleStar Laser Probe , and additional rotary axes.

Precise Compensation
The inclusion of factory volumetric compensation through the Etalon LaserTRACER system guarantees the utmost precision with the lowest possible uncertainty. Additionally, in the field, users can conduct machine accuracy verification in accordance with ISO 10360 standards. FlexPoint's commitment to accuracy and versatility makes it a valuable solution for dimensional measurement challenges associated with large-scale parts.

OGP FlexPoint Configurations





Model XYZ Travel        
      7.7.6 - 700x700x600 mm  
      7.7.11 - 700x700x1100 mm
      7.7.15 - 700x700x1500 mm   
     9.12.8 - 900x1200x800 mm 
     9.12.16 - 900x1200x1600 mm 
     9.12.20 - 900x1200x2000 mm
     12.15.10 - 1200x1500x1000 mm 
     12.15.20 - 1200x1500x2000 mm 
     12.15.30 - 1200x1500x3000 mm


FlexPoint systems come in various sizes ranging from 7.7.6 to 12.30.10 and incorporate VersaFlex, an exclusive sensor array that allows for the simultaneous use of up to three sensors on an articulating head. The scanning probe, telecentric optics, and the TeleStar interferometric laser with 1 μm accuracy ensure reliable part measurement, all without the inconvenience of swapping sensors and constant recalibration.

The availability of all sensors for immediate use eliminates the time-consuming process of tool changes. The CAD programmable articulation of the VersaFlex™ ensures optimal positioning and alignment of all sensors. The FlexPoint is capable of efficiently measuring parts that would typically require multiple machines for comprehensive inspection, thereby enhancing both accuracy and speed. The high-speed, air-bearing bridge transport, equipped with active thermal compensation, is well-suited for the demands of the factory floor.
Smartprobe - VersaFlex
Fixed Telecentric Optics on an Articulating Head

The patented VersaFlex™ multisensor head allows for the concurrent use of up to three sensors on an articulated probe head. 

This eliminates downtime associated with swapping individual sensors from a change rack and eliminates the need for recalibration every time a sensor is employed.
SP25 Scanning Probe
Automatically Acquires Data Points Between User-Defined Start and End Points - Regardless of Surface Complexity
TeleStar Probe
Self-Contained Off-Axis Partial Coherence Interferometric Range Sensor for Surface Contour Measurement



The ZONE3 CAD-based metrology software offers utmost flexibility for multisensor measurements, whether utilizing a CAD model or not. Its entirely graphical user interface, visual validation at each stage, and graphical reporting contribute to making ZONE3 the most user-friendly and intuitive 3D metrology software currently accessible.
OGP FlexPoint Product Explainer Video