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TeleStar Probe

The TeleStar® Probe serves as a self-contained off-axis partial coherence interferometric range sensor designed for measuring surface contours. With sub-micron resolution, it delivers exceptional performance on various surfaces, including both specular and light-scattering diffuse surfaces. This probe is characterized by its speed and precision, conducting rapid scans of up to 500 data points per second with a 1.0 micron accuracy and 0.1 micron repeatability.

When integrated with SmartScope ZIPs, the TeleStar Probe can be either securely fixed in place or installed within a mechanical deployment mechanism, allowing it to be retracted when not actively in use.

Moreover, the TeleStar Probe is adaptable to the VersaFlex™ articulating multisensor array on FlexPoint systems, enabling advanced interferometric technology on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), distinguishing it from other industry offerings.

The P-25 TeleStar Probe boasts interchangeable objective lenses for diverse applications and provides a constant working distance of up to 70 mm.
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OGP TeleStar Probe Features 

Speed, Accuracy and Long Working Distance
Speeds up to 500 points/second with very high accuracy, internal reference, and up to 70 mm constant working clearance.

Auto Deployment
Automatic deployment mechanism retracts when not in use on SmartScope ZIP® systems.
Interchangeable Lenses
P-25 probe offers interchangeable objective lenses for different applications.