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Contracer CV-2100 – Contour

The Contour CV-2100 measuring instrument introduces remarkable operability and functionality, revolutionizing contour measurement machines by enabling faster, easier, and more accurate measurements. With its expanded Z-axis detector measuring range of 50mm, this instrument can accommodate larger workpieces, enhancing its versatility.

Product Features 

The CV-2100M4 model of the Contour CV-2100 series features a quick-release grip handle, enabling swift movement in the column Z-axis for rapid traverse.

The key operation buttons are conveniently located on the X-axis drive unit, eliminating the need for a separate wired remote box.

The X-axis traverse speed of up to 20mm/s facilitates quick positioning and reduces setup time.
The motorized stylus movement allows for high-volume repetitive measurements, as the instrument can be programmed to perform measurements automatically.

The CV-2100N4 model can be easily mounted onto an optional manual column stand or a custom fixture provided by the end user for added convenience and flexibility.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data


The Mitutoyo Contracer CV-2100 contour measuring instrument offers exceptional accuracy and efficiency, while also being easy to set up. It incorporates a drive unit inclination mechanism, allowing precise measurement of features on inclined surfaces that are typically challenging to measure. 

Additionally, the instrument utilizes a Digital ARC Scale, which precisely tracks the arc trajectory of the stylus tip. This enables accurate compensation to be applied to the scale output, resulting in enhanced accuracy and resolution.
Technical Data
Range X-Axis:
4" / 100mm

Resolution X-Axis:
3.93μin / .1μm

Measuring Method:
Linear encoder

X-axis Drive speed (software):
0 - .79in/s / 0 - 20mm/s

Drive method (Column):
Manual coarse/fine feed

Measuring Speed:
.00078 - .2 in/s / .02 -5 mm/s

Measuring direction:

Detector Z-Range Resolution:
3.93μin / .1μm

Measuring force:
30 ± 10mN

Stylus tip:
1000 radius μin / 25 radius μm

Z1-axis detector measuring range:
2" / 50mm

Z1-axis detector measuring method:
RT detector