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C-Vision Systems Are Truly Versatile – Providing the Best of Both Worlds

OGP's c-vision Video Contour Projectors seamlessly integrate the swiftness and precision of a video measurement system with the robust capabilities of an optical comparator, establishing themselves as the world's premier shop-floor measuring tools for 2D measurement. 

Leveraging high magnification and the efficiency of automatic measurement through a high-resolution digital image, video measurement systems offer exceptional features. 

With a 60% larger magnification range compared to standard comparators, users can accurately measure features up to 4 inches without the need to refocus the worktable, ensuring precise examination of intricate part details. Both the c-vision benchtop and floor models are specifically designed to accommodate large, heavy parts with a substantial load capacity of up to 250 lbs. Equipped with impressive features such as a durable construction, expansive screens for versatile measurements, innovative optics, long service life, and more, c-vision systems emerge as the ideal choice for contour projection requirements.
Accurate Image with exceptionally low distortion over entire viewing area
Internally mounted lenses with digital megapixel metrology cameras
Shop hardened and convenient
Tough construction, high load capacity, and large viewing screen for shop floor use
Create and run measurement routines, perform "walk-up and measure" tasks well as fitting the measurement data to 2D CAD for profile and GD&T analysis
Measure-X Compare virtual chart gage software displays both standard and custom overlay charts - direct from DXF CAD files
Simple but accurate operator controls for fast shop-floor measurements
Motorized XY table with precision linear scales and fine adjusters

C-Vision Floor Model Video Contour Projector

The ultimate, shop floor hardened, high payload capacity video contour projector

C-Vision Benchtop Video Contour Projector

An easy to use, dual-magnification benchtop video contour projector

C-Vision Lite Video Contour Projector

Easy-to-use shop floor measuring system that fits on a workbench