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SV 2100 – Dedicated Processor – Column Type

The Surftest SV-2100 surface roughness tester is designed for benchtop operation, providing a user-friendly experience while delivering highly precise measurement results. This instrument ensures accuracy in surface roughness analysis and offers convenient operation in a benchtop setting.

Product Features 

It is equipped with a highly visible color 7.5-inch TFT LCD display, ensuring a user-friendly interface for easy operation.

The absolute scale system enables precise and accurate positioning for multiple measurements, resulting in high repeatability.

The dedicated control unit incorporates a built-in joystick, allowing for effortless and quick positioning during measurements.
Fine positioning of a small stylus, necessary for measuring the inner side of a small hole, can be easily achieved using the manual knob.

The simple input function enables inputs based on drawing instruction symbols for ISO/JIS roughness standards. This simplifies the selection of surface roughness measuring conditions, making the process more straightforward and convenient.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The Surftest SV-2100 surface roughness tester is renowned for its high precision and performance. It features a dedicated control unit that enables a user-friendly display and simple operation, ensuring ease of use. 

With its exceptional accuracy, the Surftest SV-2100 provides highly precise analysis of surface roughness and fine contours, delivering reliable and detailed results. 

This instrument is well-suited for applications that demand high-quality surface roughness measurements.
Technical Data
Range X-Axis:
3.94" / 100mm

Resolution X-Axis:
1.97μin / 0.05μm

Measuring Method:
Linear encoder

Drive speed:
0 - 1.57 in/s / 0 - 40 mm/s

Measuring Speed:
.00078 - .2 in/s / .02 -5 mm/s

Traversing Direction:

Column Resolution:

Z2-axis Measuring Method:
Rotary encoder

Column Z2-Axis Drive Speed:
0 - .78in/s / 0 - 20mm/s

Detector Z-Range:
320, 3200, 32000μin / 8, 80, 800μm

Detector Z-Range Resolution:
 .004, .04, .4μin / .0001, .001, .01μm

Detection Method:
Skidless / Skid

Measuring Force:

Skid Radius of Curvature:
1.57" / 40mm

Detector Type:
Differential inductance

Power Supply:
AC power

Built-in thermal

External I/O:
Digimatic ouput, RS-232C I/F

External Data Storage:
Micro SD card

Display Unit:

Drive Unit:
14.6x9.6x2.8" / 372x245x71.8mm

Display Unit Mass:
8.8lbs /4kg

Drive Unit Mass:
6.6lbs / 3kg