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Surftest SJ-500 / 500P

The SJ-500 surface roughness tester provides the flexibility to be used either on a benchtop or in a portable manner, allowing for versatile operation according to user needs. It delivers highly precise measurement results, ensuring accuracy in surface roughness analysis.

Product Features 

The SJ-500 is the portable version of the desktop SV-2100 surface roughness tester, offering the same functionality in a portable form factor.

The SJ-500P model comes equipped with a desktop PC system, providing extended capabilities for data analysis and storage.

It supports measurements in the axial direction by swiveling the detector through 90°, making it possible to analyze shrouded features such as crankshafts.

The vertical adjustment knob allows for precise positioning of the stylus close to the workpiece, enabling measurements inside small holes and confined spaces.

The Digital Adjustment Tilting (DAT) function facilitates leveling of workpieces with an accuracy of ±1.5°, streamlining the measurement process.

The instrument features a highly visible 7.5-inch TFT LCD color display and a touch-operated panel, ensuring user-friendly and easy operation.

The simple input function allows for inputs based on drawing instruction symbols of ISO/JIS roughness standards, simplifying the configuration of surface roughness measuring conditions.

An optional manual column stand (178-085, 178-089) is available for the SJ-500, providing stability and convenience during measurements.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The SJ-500 surface roughness tester is a sophisticated instrument known for its high precision and performance. It features a dedicated control unit that enables a user-friendly display and straightforward operation. 

With its portable design, the SJ-500 allows for convenient and on-the-go measurements. It excels at providing highly accurate analysis of surface roughness and fine contours, ensuring reliable and detailed results.
Technical Data
Range X-Axis:
1.97" / 50mm

Resolution X-Axis:
1.97μin / .05μm

Measuring Method:
Linear encoder

Drive speed:
0 - .78 in/s / 0 - 20 mm/s

Measuring Speed:
.00078 - .2 in/s / .02 -5 mm/s

Traversing Direction:

Drive Unit Tilt Positioning:

Drive unit positioning (up/down):
1.18" / 30mm

Detector Z-Range:
320, 3200, 32000μin / 8, 80, 800μm

Detector Z-Range Resolution:
.004, .04, .4μin / .0001, .001, .01μm

Detection Method:
Skidless / Skid

Skid Radius of Curvature:
1.57" / 40mm

Detector Type:
Differential inductance

Power Supply:
AC power

External I/O:
Digimatic ouput, RS-232C I/F

Drive Unit:

Drive Unit Mass:
5.9lbs / 2.7kg