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MiSTAR 555

The Mitutoyo MiSTAR 555 CMM brings a revolution to precision measurements on the shop floor, offering outstanding versatility, user-friendly operation, a compact design with a reduced footprint, and industry-leading drive speed and acceleration.

Product Features 

MiSTAR CMM ensures accuracy in the temperature range of 10 to 40ºC with symmetric structure, uniform material, and temperature compensation.

It offers more than 2 times better contamination resistance compared to conventional CMMs, thanks to the newly developed Mitutoyo absolute scale.

The single support moving bridge design provides a three-sided open architecture, simplifying workpiece movement.
Mitutoyo clamping tools and pallet receiver enable quick setup and measurement of similar workpieces.

The use of clamping tools and pallet receiver streamlines measurement for similar workpieces.

MiSTAR utilizes an absolute scale, eliminating the need for machine initialization.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The Mitutoyo MiSTAR 555 CNC CMM redefines precision measurements with its in-line and near-line capabilities, user-friendly operation, and remarkable versatility. 

It is designed to be used on any size shop floor, delivering exceptional performance even in challenging operating conditions. With the widest temperature accuracy guarantee, best-in-class drive speed, and acceleration, the MiSTAR ensures both speed and accuracy. 

Its innovative design features a single support moving bridge and a storage cabinet for machine controllers under the measuring table, resulting in a reduced footprint of approximately 70% compared to traditional moving bridge models. 

This compact and space-saving design allows the MiSTAR to be installed and utilized in a wide range of environments while maintaining its superior measuring capabilities.

Technical Data

Coordinate Measuring Machine - CNC

Inch, Metric

0.000004" (0.0001mm)

Guide Method:
Linear guide each axis

Vibration Stand:
Not Applicable

Probe System:

Touch Trigger Probe:

Scanning Probe:

Laser Probe:
Special Order Optical

Special Order

Surface Roughness Probe:
Special Order