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RA-H5200 CNC – Extreme type

The Mitutoyo Roundtest Extreme RA-H5200CNC Roundness, Cylindricity, and Surface Roughness Measuring System integrates exceptional accuracy with automatic CNC measurements, resulting in significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. This advanced system offers precise and reliable measurements of roundness, cylindricity, and surface roughness, enhancing overall performance and delivering reliable results.

Product Features 

High-accuracy positioning sensors in the X- and Z-axis drive units ensure precise and repeatable measurements.

The system's rigid base and highly accurate, rigid turntable achieve exceptional rotational accuracy on a global scale.

The Automatic Adjustment Table (AAT) enables automatic and high-speed centering and leveling, significantly reducing the overall measurement time.

The system allows measurement while tracing using a built-in linear scale in the X-axis, ensuring contact with the workpiece surface even when there are form variations beyond the sensor's measuring range.
The spiral-mode measurement function combines table rotation and rectilinear action, facilitating the loading of continuous data sets for measurements like cylindricity and coaxiality.

Enhanced detector safety functions, such as accidental touch and collision detection, effectively protect both the machine and workpieces from damage.

The system is capable of accommodating a surface roughness detector that meets relevant International Standards, enabling the creation of a multiple sensor testing system for simultaneous roundness/cylindricity and surface roughness measurements.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The Mitutoyo Roundtest Extreme RA-H5200 CNC Roundness, Cylindricity, and Surface Roughness Measuring System is equipped with automatic orientation control on the detector unit, allowing the system to perform high-speed measurements without the need for manual intervention. 

The RA-H5200 Extreme CNC roundness tester features a programmable detector unit orientation function, enabling continuous and automatic measurements of inner and outer diameters, as well as top and bottom surfaces of the workpiece.

Additionally, the system includes a continuous OD/ID measurement function that performs accurate internal and external diameter measurements without requiring the detector position to be changed.
Technical Data

Inch, Metric

Bearing Type:

Table Adjustment Method:
Automatic mic heads

Rotating Speed:
10, 2, 4, 6rpm

Table Diameter:
11.8" / 300mm

Table Centering Range (With DAT function):
± .2" / ± 5mm

Table Leveling Range:

Max Table Loading:
176lbs / 80kg

Table Max Probing Diameter:
14" / 356mm

Table Max Loading Diameter:
26.8" / 680mm

Column Traverse Method:

Column Measuring Speed:
.5, 1, 2mm/s

Column Drive Speed (Max):

Column Max Probing Depth:
Over ø1.264.09" / Over ø0.51.02" / Over ø32 104mm / Over ø12.726mm

Radial Traverse Method:

Radial Traverse Range:
8.9" / 225mm

Radial Drive Speed (Max):

Radial measuring speed:
.5, 1, 2mm/s

Detector Measuring Force:
40 mN

Detector Stylus Tip:
Carbide ball diameter .06" / Carbide ball diameter 1.6mm

Standard Detector measuring range:
±4, ±40, ±400μm

Follow Detector measuring range:

Detector Measuring Direction:

Stylus Angle Adjustment:

Data Sampling Points:

Filter Type:
2CR50, 2CR75, 2CRPC50, 2CRPC75, Gaussian, Off

Cut-off value:
15, 15-150, 15-1500, 15-500, 150, 150-1500, 1500, 50, 50-1500, 50-500, 500, manual setting upr

Reference Circle for Evaluation:

Air pressure:
.39 Mpa

Vibration Isolator Mass:
375lbs / 170kg