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CS-3300 – Singular Detector Type

The Formtracer CS-3300 Series is a collection of surface roughness and contour measuring systems that offer high functionality and user-friendliness. These systems are designed with innovative features that enhance their performance and usability.

Product Features 

The detector unit can move to the left by 2.76" (70mm) to prevent interference with the drive unit and workpiece.

The detector and drive unit cables are housed internally, ensuring smooth operation without any risk of abrasion, allowing for high-speed operation.

The inclusion of fine-feed handles and an inclined X-axis drive unit enhances the efficiency of measuring small holes and inclined planes.
The highly rigid ceramic guides maintain linear movement over extended periods and offer quick surface scanning while being resistant to abrasion.

The significantly increased drive speed reduces the overall measurement time, resulting in faster results.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The Mitutoyo Formtracer CS-3300 is a system designed to measure contour form roughness with speed and precision. It offers a comprehensive solution for various applications within a single device. The unit has a broad measuring range and a high-resolution detector, ensuring accurate measurements.

The operation of the Formtracer CS-3300 is user-friendly and straightforward, improving measurement efficiency and ease of use. 

Additionally, it can quickly measure inclined surfaces by adjusting the drive unit's orientation by ±45°. By integrating an ABS scale in the Z2-axis, the unit eliminates the need for repeated origin point re-setting, which is typically necessary for each step of repeated measurements or across multiple sections.
Technical Data
Resolution X-Axis:
1.97μin / .05μm

Measurement method (X-axis):
Ultra high precision linear encoder

X-axis Drive speed (software):
0 - 3.15 in/s / 0 - 80 mm/s

Measuring speed (Surface):
.00078 - .08in/s / .02 - .2mm/s

Measuring speed (Contour):
.02 - 30in/s / .00078 - 1.2mm/s

Measuring direction (Surface):

Alpha-axis inclination angle:

Column resolution:

Column Resolution:

Z2-axis Measuring Method:
ABS linear encoder

Column Z2-axis drive speed (Software):
0 - 1.2in/s / 0 - 30mm/s

Z2-axis drive speed (manual joystick):
0 - 1.56in/s / 0 - 40mm/s

Detector Z-Range:
.2" / 5mm

Detector Z-Resolution:
.0315/.0019, .315/.019, 3.15/0.19μin/in / .0008/.05, .008/.5, .08/5μm/mm

Z1-axis Detecting method:
Differential inductance

Measuring Force:

Stylus tip (Diamond, angle °/ tip radius) (Surface):
60/78.7μin / 60/2μm

Stylus tip (Sapphire, angle °/ tip radius) (Contour):
30/984.3μin / 30/2μm

Vibration isolation stand method:
Diaphragm air spring

Vibration isolation stand natural frequency:
Vertical: 2.5 to 3.5Hz

Vibration isolation stand damping mechanism:

Vibration isolation stand leveling mechanism:
Automatic control with mechanical sensor

Vibration isolation stand air supply pressure:
.4 to .7Mpa