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SmartScope Quest 800

Extremely large volume multisensor dimensional measuring system.


SmartScope Quest 800 stands out as a highly accurate floor model coordinate measurement system, integrating scanning probe, touch probe, micro-probes, and the patented TeleStar Plus TTL laser for exceptional versatility and precision.

Featuring an expansive 790 x 815 x 300 mm XYZ measurement volume (with an optional 400 mm Z-travel), the Quest 800 is specifically designed for measuring very large parts. Its solid granite bridge platform is supported by a robust steel structure, and the unique bridge design restricts the motion of the measured part to the Y axis, ensuring measurement stability.

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OGP SmartScope Quest 800 Features 

Floor Model, Fixed Bridge

Accurate Video Metrology
Employing TeleStar telecentric 10:1 zoom optics to achieve the utmost optical performance.

Superior Illumination for Optimal Video Measurements
Utilizing standard profile light, coaxial surface light, and SmartRing light to comprehensively illuminate parts from all angles, facilitating multisensor dimensional measurement.
Options: Touch Probe, Scanning Probe, articulating probe head, TeleStar TTL or DRS Laser, Feather Probe, Rainbow Probe

Versatile Multisensor Capability
Providing a range of options, including the optional touch probe, off-axis DRS™ laser, on-axis TeleStar TTL interferometric laser, micro-probes, SP25 continuous contact scanning probe, PH10 motorized probe head, and 4th and 5th axis rotary indexers, enhancing the system's adaptability for various measurement needs.

SmartScope Quest 800 Configurations


Sensors & Accessories


Technical Data

790 mm x 815 mm x 300 mm

Extended Z axis, 400 mm

10:1 AccuCentric® TeleStar® auto-compensating, telecentric zoom, motorized; mag range 0.8x – 8x, with up to 10 calibrated positions; 1.0x lens

Focus Grid Projector: LED source
Replacement Lenses: 0.45x, 0.5x, 2.0x, 4.0x
Laser Lenses: 0.45x, 0.5x, 2.0x, 4.0x

Patented servo-driven high performance monochromatic substage profile, LED coaxial TTL surface, 8 sector/6 ring SmartRing LED.


Tactile Sensor
Touch Probe
Expanding the measurement capabilities of OGP's systems, single-point touch-trigger probing allows for the assessment of features challenging to image or surface boundaries inaccessible to video, enhancing overall measurement versatility.
Tactile Sensor
Feather Probe
Micro-touch probing to measure fragile or miniature features.
The Feather Probe by OGP offers access to petite features that cannot be reached by video measurement or traditional touch probes. It employs a specialized sensing technology to detect when a resonating stylus is in close proximity to a surface, allowing for data acquisition with minimal force, typically in milligrams.
Tactile Sensor
Scanning Probe
Automatically Acquires Data Points Between User-Defined Start and End Points - Regardless of Surface Complexity
Tactile Sensor
Articulating Probe Head
The PH10 PLUS comprises a family of motorized articulating probe heads designed to facilitate automatic tool reorientation, thereby increasing throughput and eliminating the need for multiple probe configurations.
Laser Sensor
TeleStar Plus Through-the-Lens (TTL) Laser
The TeleStar Plus TTL laser utilizes distinctive interferometric sensing technology, providing exceptional measurement resolution, accuracy, and capability across Fusion, SmartScope SP, and SmartScope Quest/Vantage systems.
Laser Sensor
Digital Range Sensor (DRS) Laser
Determines Surface Heights, Through Laser Triangulation
Laser Sensor
Rainbow Probe
High resolution, non-contact optical sensor for surface measurements.

Easily measures transparent, translucent, fragile, liquid or easily deformable surfaces and are a mounted in mechanical deployment mechanisms so they can be retracted when not in use.


Rotary Indexes
Our measurement systems equipped with rotary indexers enable the comprehensive characterization of symmetric parts and those with significant features on multiple sides. These rotaries, available in various capacities, resolutions, and configurations (both simple and compound), facilitate complete 4 and 5-axis measurements within a single setup.
Grid Projectors
Many surfaces (such as glass, clear plastic, and mirror-like finishes) create images with extremely low, or worse, nonexistent contrast. A Grid Projector accessory from OGP measures these surfaces.


Zone 3

The ZONE3 CAD-based metrology software offers utmost flexibility for multisensor measurements, whether utilizing a CAD model or not. Its entirely graphical user interface, visual validation at each stage, and graphical reporting contribute to making ZONE3 the most user-friendly and intuitive 3D metrology software currently accessible.

OGP SmartScope 3D Multisensor Measurement Systems