DRS Laser

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Determines Surface Heights, Through Laser Triangulation

Dynamic range laser sensor for height and surface profile measurements.

Select SmartScope systems feature a DRS™ (Digital Range Sensor) Laser Probe, offering non-contact, high-resolution surface contouring to complement video measurements.

As one of the supported sensors within OGP multisensor measurement systems, the metrology software seamlessly incorporates DRS laser data points, treating them with the same ease as those obtained through video measurement. Both linear and area scans can be effortlessly programmed into automatic measurement routines, ensuring precise measurement of surface contours.

There are two available models of the DRS laser probes, each with its own spot size. Both variants share a 17 mm working distance and are equipped with mechanical deployment mechanisms, allowing them to be retracted when not in use.

A specialized version, the DRS-500B, utilizes a blue laser instead of a red laser. This variant is particularly effective when working with transparent or white parts.

How Does the DRS Laser Operate?

The DRS Laser employs laser triangulation to determine surface heights. A small laser spot illuminates the surface, and the scattered light is collected by a sensor array. The metrology software receives precise positional information at selectable data rates and spacing intervals.


DRS-500 0.125 µm 500 µm 16 - 23 μm
DRS-500B 0.125 µm 500 µm 13 - 20 μm