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DLyte has been revolutionizing the metal polishing industry. It offers an eco-friendly and highly efficient solution for achieving a brilliant, mirror-like finish on various metal surfaces. 

Unlike traditional polishing methods that involve harsh chemicals and time-consuming processes, DLyte utilizes an electrolytic process to remove imperfections, oxidation, and contaminants from metals. This innovative system is not only environmentally friendly, as it eliminates the need for toxic chemicals, but it also reduces waste and energy consumption. 

DLyte's advanced automation and precision make it a game-changer for industries like automotive, aerospace, and jewelry, where the demand for flawless metal finishes is paramount.

DLyte is part of GPAINNOVA, a tech platform created in Barcelona in April 2013, which specializes in improving the surfaces of metal components. The group primarily deals with design, manufacturing and marketing of machines based on the DryLyte Technology. DLyte Chemicals is the company entrusted by GPAINNOVA with manufacturing and marketing its consumable materials.

DLyte Technology

DLyte's DryLyte technology represents a groundbreaking innovation in the field of electroplating and surface finishing. This cutting-edge process has revolutionized how industries achieve high-quality, precision coatings on various materials. Unlike traditional electroplating methods, DryLyte eliminates the need for toxic chemicals and extensive water usage, making it an environmentally sustainable solution.

The heart of DryLyte lies in its ionic liquid-based electrolyte, which allows for the deposition of metal ions onto substrates with unparalleled precision and efficiency. This technology has numerous applications, from aerospace components to medical devices and even luxury goods. Its ability to produce uniform and flawless coatings with excellent adhesion properties has garnered attention across industries, providing manufacturers with a competitive edge in terms of product quality and cost-effectiveness.

DryLyte's eco-friendly and efficient approach to electroplating not only reduces environmental impact but also minimizes operational costs. As a result, it has the potential to reshape how industries approach surface finishing, opening up new possibilities for innovation and sustainability in manufacturing.

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DLyte's product line boasts cutting-edge, eco-friendly solutions for achieving impeccable, mirror-like finishes on various metal surfaces, transforming metal polishing.

Small Productions

Mass Productions

Compact Series

The Compact Series is ideal for businesses in need of precision surface finishing for high-quality metal components, serving sectors like medical devices, luxury items, tools, and the food/pharmaceutical industry.

DLyte 1

DLyte 1 stands as the most compact member of the Compact Series range, offering dry electropolishing technology for metal surface finishing.

It is meticulously designed for the treatment of small, delicate, and highly demanding components, particularly those of high value and intended for research and development purposes. Its streamlined one-step automated process simplifies the often intricate and multi-step finishing procedures, simultaneously enhancing cost-efficiency and repeatability.

DLyte 10

DLyte 10 is an advanced metal surface finishing apparatus employing dry electropolishing technology, catering to businesses with moderate manufacturing volumes. It is meticulously crafted for the treatment of high-value, small, fragile, and delicate components demanding precision finishing.

DLyte 100

DLyte 100 represents a dry electropolishing metal surface finishing system tailored for companies engaged in medium to large-scale production.

It is purpose-built to accommodate the treatment of high-value, small, fragile, and intricate components, which demand precision finishing and are essential for research and development endeavors.

DLyte 100PRO

The DLyte 100PRO is the largest compact machine for industrial use.

It integrates both planetary and vertical backand- forth motion within the drum containing the electrolyte media. This system is effective in treating materials in the groups of steel, cobalt-chrome, titanium, copper-based, nickel-based, and aluminum. Its advanced electronics, based on PLC technology, enable the application of asymmetric pulses with low and high frequencies, along with parameter combinations.

Pro500 Series

The DLyte PRO500 offers outstanding metal surface-finishing outcomes with remarkable speed and effectiveness, outperforming current technologies by achieving processing times that are up to ten times quicker.

Pro 500

Ultimate surface finishing for mass production

DLytePRO500 is the most advanced, powerful and versatile metal surface finishing equipment on the market specially designed for mass production.

Its one-step automated process simplifies the intricacies of existing multi-step finishing procedures, concurrently enhancing cost-effectiveness and ensuring consistent results.