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DLyte 100

DLyte 100 represents a dry electropolishing metal surface finishing system tailored for companies engaged in medium to large-scale production.


It is purpose-built to accommodate the treatment of high-value, small, fragile, and intricate components, which demand precision finishing and are essential for research and development endeavors.


With its one-step automated process, it simplifies the intricacies of existing multi-step finishing methods, simultaneously bolstering cost-effectiveness and ensuring consistent results. Notably, this machine eliminates the need for a closed-loop water recycling system and sludge waste treatment equipment, thereby reducing spatial requirements, labor demands, and the environmental permits associated with waste management. DLyte 100 is ideally suited for components with a workable volume capacity of 180 Ø mm x 80 mm and a maximum weight of 5 kg.



Anti-vibratory system and Holder Checking Tool included.



+ Precision finishing + Smoothing + Mirror finishing
+ Deburring + Rounding + Corrosion resistance + AM post-processing


DLyte 100 Product Features

Consistent Outcomes
A uniform outcome is achieved through a blend of three distinct motion types. An automated system for adjusting electrolyte conductivity comprises a conductivity sensor and a high-precision pump, which automatically fine-tunes the media's conductivity.
Enhanced Processes through Hardware and Software
The synergy of precise hardware and software, intelligent electronic parameter supervision, and efficient regulation of electrolyte media flow guarantees process enhancement and a stable performance of the electrolyte media. This, in turn, ensures unwavering process quality over the entire lifespan of the electrolyte media.

Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

Series Model

Technical Drawing

Technical Specifications
Capacity (per cycle)
180 Ø x 80mm (maximum volume centered to the axis)

Machine dimensions
949 x 1413 x 688,5 mm

Support dimensions
949 x 690,6 x 744,9 mm

Machine weight
217,5 (247.5 kg Cs Series)

Support weight
100 kg
5 kW (single phase with industrial plug)

220 V - 240 V

Air pressure
4-5 bar (air connector: 8mmØ or 1/4’ BSP’)

Flow rate: 40 l/min. The air quality must be 1.5.1 in accordance with the ISO 8573 standard. This air quality requires six-monthly maintenance (filter changes).
Series Model
DLyte 100
Designed to treat materials included in the Steel group, Cobalt-chrome group, Copper and Nickel based alloys group with Low Frequency parameters.
DLyte 100 HF
Designed to treat materials included in the Steel group, Titanium group, Nickel based alloys group and Aluminium group with High Frequency parameters. 
DLyte 100 +HF
Designed to treat materials included in the Steel group, Cobalt-chrome, Titanium group,
Copper based alloys group, Nickel based alloys group, and Aluminium group materials
with High Frequency and Low Frequency parameters.
Technical Drawing

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