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DLyte PRO500

DLyte PRO500 is the most advanced, powerful and versatile metal surface finishing equipment on the market specially designed for mass production.


Its one-step automated process simplifies the intricacies of existing multi-step finishing procedures, concurrently enhancing cost-effectiveness and ensuring consistent results. Importantly, this equipment operates without the need for a closed-loop system to recycle water and manage sludge waste, thereby reducing space requirements, labor, and environmental permits related to waste management.


Workbowl and cathode set are not included.


+ Precision finishing + Smoothing + Mirror finishing + Deburring
+ Rounding + Corrosion resistance + AM post-processing


DLyte PRO500 Product Features

The new positive pressure holder attachment system and pneumatic automatic locking system optimize the time required for loading and unloading.

User-Friendly Design
The machine's design, along with its panels, is meticulously crafted to provide hassle-free access to individual components, ensuring seamless operation and maintenance.
Enhanced Efficiency
A quicker and more cost-effective approach to maintaining the same level of quality as manual polishing and grinding processes.

An ideal solution for achieving precise surface finishing for high-value, delicate, or intricate components.

Technical Specifications


Machine Specifications

Detailed Power Consumption

Detailed Air Consumption

Technical Drawing

The most precise, powerful
and versatile surface finishing
equipment on the market.

The DLyte PRO500 achieves outstanding metal surface-finishing outcomes with remarkable speed and efficiency, surpassing the performance of current technologies by achieving processing times up to ten times faster.

Its remarkable adaptability and rapid return on investment result from its ability to accommodate a wide array of materials, employ a multifaceted workpiece holding system, and offer a substantial capacity.

The PRO500 is equipped with 2, 4, and 8 perimeter spindles, providing the capability to process either individual or multiple workpieces per holder. This feature boosts its capacity and performance, particularly when dealing with substantial quantities of workpieces.

The size of the workpiece poses no limitation with its 4 configurations.
Machine Specifications
Detailed Power Consumption
Detailed Air Consumption
Technical Drawing

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Precise metal surface finishing for mass production




Automated Cells

Hardware Features

Robust, precise and reliable mechanical systems.

Attaining optimal performance necessitates a precise fusion of various motions and oscillations. DLyte's technology integrates a primary axial rotation, a secondary planetary spin, and a vertical oscillation, along with core and base vibrations, aimed at minimizing friction with electrolyte particles. To guarantee the smooth flow of media, their equipment offers adjustable speed and bidirectional rotation of the holders independently. The ideal interplay of these motions and vibrations enhances performance and yields the best results.

Innovative and powerful electronics.

DLyte's cutting-edge power electronics system, incorporating state-of-the-art SIC Pulser technology, offers unparalleled consistency and a robust performance. Utilizing eight autonomous high-frequency rectifiers synchronized via optical fiber, we can deliver a maximum of 360 Amps and 35KW of power. This advanced setup guarantees improved surface quality, more uniform outcomes, and reduced cycle durations. Their electronics are meticulously engineered for dependability, ensuring a steady and accurate power supply.

Adaptative independent cathodes.

DLyte's system is crafted to individually activate the outer and lower cathodes, tailored to precise polishing needs. By adjusting the electrical current distribution in accordance with the piece's geometry, we attain enhanced accuracy and a more uniform surface. This feature endows their system with exceptional flexibility when compared to alternative offerings in the market. It additionally fine-tunes the current distribution to attain the utmost precision for superior finishing results.
Operative Features

Quick plug and release holder coupling system

The holder fixation system relies on positive pressure securing and an automated pneumatic locking mechanism, resulting in shorter loading and unloading durations and improved user-friendliness. Additionally, the machine's built-in vibration system delivers heightened vibrations to the workpiece and concurrently reduces the weight of the holders to a significant extent.

Custom programs for efficient processing

By integrating user-friendly controls, advanced automation, and intelligent software, DLyte's system achieves exceptional finishing outcomes. It employs real-time parameter optimization, considering conductivity and temperature control, to preserve the quality and longevity of the electrolyte. This approach guarantees consistent and replicable performance across multiple cycles.

Easy maintaining of internal components

DLyte's frame and panels have been thoughtfully engineered to simplify maintenance and operation, granting convenient access to the internal components. The eight power units are positioned along the machine's sides, equipped with forced cooling mechanisms. Meanwhile, the control unit is situated at the rear, maintaining separation from the power units for optimal functionality.

Ensuring safety while working

DLyte incorporates a warning light tower to signal potential hazards to operators throughout the production process. Furthermore, a magnetic safety gate system is in place to prevent accidental opening of the safety measures. Lastly, a light barrier offers protection for operators' hands and bodies during each cycle, particularly when manual intervention becomes necessary.

Engineered for a wide range of materials

The DLyte PRO500 offers a comprehensive range of electrical parameters, spanning from low to high frequency, parameter combinations, and asymmetric voltage options.

Single and multiple work piece holders

DLyte's frame and panels have been thoughtfully engineered to simplify maintenance and operation, granting convenient access to the internal components. The eight power units are positioned along the machine's sides, equipped with forced cooling mechanisms. Meanwhile, the control unit is situated at the rear, maintaining separation from the power units for optimal functionality.

A connected solution for Industry 4.0

The DLyte PRO500 seamlessly links to the DLyte HUB, enabling access to all the essential services needed for top-notch finishing. This connectivity empowers users to oversee the process, receive real-time updates on system status, keep tabs on maintenance schedules, and download or update surface finishing programs.
Automated Cells Features
DLyte's Automated Cell offers an ideal solution for industries aiming to achieve complete automation of their surface finishing procedures. It enhances our surface finishing operations by enabling fully automated workpiece handling, enabling the system to operate autonomously for extended durations, thereby minimizing the time required for loading and unloading.
The Automated Cell provides versatility in surface finishing, giving you the choice to utilize either one or two DLyte PRO500 machines, depending on your specific needs. Furthermore, it allows for the incorporation of various process stages, such as cleaning, rinsing, and drying, to create a more efficient and integrated workflow.
The system enables two-step procedures by integrating various electropolishing and cleaning stages. It delivers a substantial boost in production capacity through the utilization of 64 holders, which can be seamlessly automated using an intelligent control panel. The system is also optimized for effectiveness, featuring a dual gripper and distinct robotic workflows for enhanced efficiency.

Control panel

It permits the management of all the operations for both the cell and the PRO500 from a location outside the processing area. The cell incorporates a comprehensive loading manager, enabling the operator to configure the automation cycle according to the batch, row, and finishing recipe. Furthermore, the operator has the option to interact directly with the PRO500 machine through its interface.

Loading and unloading station

The system showcases a square-shaped steel framework capable of accommodating as many as 64 holders. It has the ability to pivot on its bedplate, pausing at each ¼ rotation to enable the robot to attend to the rows of holders. As the robot operates on one side, the operator can concurrently load and unload on the opposite side, ensuring a streamlined and productive workflow.

Workflow description

It employs a robot equipped with a twin-gripper mechanism at its end, allowing it to securely hold two holders simultaneously. Through this arrangement, the robot can insert the unpolished holder into the machine and retrieve the polished one, depositing it onto the carousel, all within a single sequence. This method significantly accelerates the overall polishing process, resulting in a notable enhancement in efficiency.

Layout and guarding

The safety measures in place include a safety light curtain protecting the front open fence. On the rear side, there is a hinged door that remains locked at all times and can only be opened for maintenance purposes. Moreover, in the front area, there is a pole equipped with a floor and a laser scanner that is programmed to halt the polishing process automatically if the operator enters the area, ensuring a safe working environment.