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DLyte 100PRO

The DLyte 100PRO is the largest compact machine for industrial use.


It integrates both planetary and vertical backand- forth motion within the drum containing the electrolyte media. This system is effective in treating materials in the groups of steel, cobalt-chrome, titanium, copper-based, nickel-based, and aluminum. Its advanced electronics, based on PLC technology, enable the application of asymmetric pulses with low and high frequencies, along with parameter combinations.


Please note that the workbowl and holder are not part of the package, but it does include a light tower, an anti-vibratory support, as well as a system for conducting conductivity and temperature calibration.

For the DLyte 100PRO Cooled variant, it additionally features an anti-vibratory support with refrigeration system.


+ Precision finishing + Smoothing + Mirror finishing + Deburring
+ Rounding + Corrosion resistance + AM post-processing


DLyte 100PRO Product Features

Enhanced Reliability
The latest design offers increased robustness and higher performance levels. It features improved doors for easier access, enhancing the overall user experience. Furthermore, additional monitoring and PLC management systems have been incorporated to enhance electrolyte performance and meticulously record each stage of the process.

Versatile Application
The equipment is engineered to handle the most commonly used metals within the industry, encompassing Steel, Cobalt-Chrome, Titanium, Copper-based, Nickel-based, and Aluminum groups.
Optimized Processes through Hardware and Software
By combining precision hardware and software, intelligent electronic parameter monitoring, and effective control of electrolyte media flow, we ensure process optimization and the enduring stability of electrolyte media performance. This, in turn, guarantees unwavering process quality throughout the entire lifespan of the electrolyte media.

High-Performance Capabilities
The advanced software is adept at logging critical parameters and providing precise data that aligns with even the most stringent standards.

Technical Specifications


Machine Specifications


Technical Drawing

DLyte 100PRO's electrolyte durability is directly tied to metal removal, as it has the capability to calculate the remaining lifespan of the electrolyte media, factoring in the material removal process. Utilizing independent conductivity and temperature probes, it provides data to an automated electrolyte conditioning system for performance optimization and extending its operational life. The advanced software records crucial process parameters and issues warnings, ensuring complete traceability of the processed batch. All data can be effortlessly retrieved and analyzed through the available Ethernet and USB ports.

The hardware is engineered with robust and dependable mechanical components, enabling continuous operation in mass production settings. It is designed to facilitate easier access for maintenance and operation. The newly integrated safety system incorporates a warning light tower to signal the machine's status and an anti-sabotage security system.
Machine Specifications
Capacity (per cycle)
180 Ø x 80 mm (maximum volume centered to the axis)

Machine dimensions
950 x 1,320 x 889 mm

Support dimensions
950 x 786 x 710 mm

Machine weight
241 kg

Anti-vibratory support weight
93 kg

Anti-vibratory support with refrigeration system weight
144 kg

5 kW (single phase with industrial plug)

230 V

Air pressure
4-5 bar (air connector: 8mm or 1/4’ BSP’)

Flow rate
Consumption of 40 l/min. 
The air quality must be 5:4:4* according to ISO 8573 . (*) 
Air quality required for a maintenance every 6 months (change of filters)
Storage capacity (Anti-vibratory support)
231 l

Distilled water tank capacity
6.5 l (drain valve included)

External antisabotage valve

Noise level
<70 dB(A)

HMI size
Touchscreen LCD TFT 7”
Auxiliar 24 V connector inside cabin for holder accessories

Tower light

50-60 Hz

Index of protection
IP20 (polishing module)

Main axial turning

Vertical (up/down)

Holder Vibration

Media refrigeration

Cathode Set Dry Electrolyte
Cathode Set Dry Suspension Electrolyte
Cathode Set Dry Suspension Electrolyte compatible with refrigeration system
Workbowl volume
16 L
180 Ø x 80 mm (maximum volume centered to the axis)
Technical Drawing

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