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SmartScope SP 663

Large Measuring Volume and High Payload Capacity in Compact Footprint.

SmartScope SP systems are meticulously crafted for optimal scanning probe performance, commencing with a solid base structure. The system mechanics are strategically engineered to optimize dynamic data acquisition, a critical factor for scanning probe excellence. Notably, most performance specifications for SP models adhere to ISO 10360 standards.


SmartScope SP 663: Advanced Measurement for Larger, Heavier Parts

The SmartScope SP 663 introduces a moving bridge system uniquely tailored for larger and heavier parts. During measurement processes, the part remains stationary, while the optics and sensors dynamically move around it, ensuring precise data capture and analysis.

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OGP SmartScope SP 663 Features 

Generous Measuring Capacity and Compact Design
This system boasts a large measuring volume and high payload capacity within a remarkably compact footprint.

Efficient Loading with Moving Bridge Design
Facilitating easy loading, the moving bridge design enables heavy parts to be loaded using a conveyor or overhead crane, providing flexibility for various operational needs.
Stability in Adverse Conditions
Constructed with a granite base, granite bridge, and heavy-duty cast uprights, this system ensures thermal stability and vibration isolation, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Options: TeleStar TTL Laser

Smartscope SP 663 Configurations


Sensors & Accessories


Technical Data

650 x 660 x 300 mm

OGP SP zoom optics with AccuCentric autocompensation, one standard front lens and 5.5x optical zoom offer up to 60:1 digital/optical magnification range with maximum 90 mm WD.

2x, 5x lens

All monochromatic LED: substage profile, coaxial
surface, SmartRing™ ring light

LED focus grid illuminator


Tactile Sensor
Scanning Probe
Automatically Acquires Data Points Between User-Defined Start and End Points - Regardless of Surface Complexity
Laser Sensor
TeleStar Plus Through-the-Lens (TTL) Laser
The TeleStar Plus TTL laser utilizes distinctive interferometric sensing technology, providing exceptional measurement resolution, accuracy, and capability across Fusion, SmartScope SP, and SmartScope Quest/Vantage systems.


Rotary Indexes
Our measurement systems equipped with rotary indexers enable the comprehensive characterization of symmetric parts and those with significant features on multiple sides. These rotaries, available in various capacities, resolutions, and configurations (both simple and compound), facilitate complete 4 and 5-axis measurements within a single setup.
Grid Projectors
Many surfaces (such as glass, clear plastic, and mirror-like finishes) create images with extremely low, or worse, nonexistent contrast. A Grid Projector accessory from OGP measures these surfaces.


Zone 3

The ZONE3 CAD-based metrology software offers utmost flexibility for multisensor measurements, whether utilizing a CAD model or not. Its entirely graphical user interface, visual validation at each stage, and graphical reporting contribute to making ZONE3 the most user-friendly and intuitive 3D metrology software currently accessible.

OGP SmartScope 3D Multisensor Measurement System