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Machined QVI Block

At Indicate Technologies, our dimensional inspection services provide our customers with reliable measurements of part dimensions and GD&T evaluations. Our services helps our customers ensure the dimensional accuracy and geometric conformity of their manufactured components.

This application showcases a dimensional inspection using our OGP FlexPoint, a multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). This inspection focused on assessing the dimensions and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) callouts of a machined block with complex geometry. A comprehensive inspection plan, integrating laser, optics, and touch probe capabilities, was designed by our team to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Application Details

Part: Precision machined block
Material: Aluminum
Inspections performed: Measuring surface flatness, perpendicularity, surface profile, circularity, position, and basic length and diameter dimensions
Machine used: OGP FlexPoint 7-Series
Sensors used: Video optics, TeleStar Probe, and an articulating probe head

Inspection Approach

Equipped with our OGP FlexPoint multisensor CMM, we utilized three distict measurement methods for a holistic approach to dimensional inspection. The CMM program was created in OGP's ZONE3 metrology software.

Optical Measurements

The FlexPoint's optics allowed for non-contact measurements of critical surface profiles and dimensions, ensuring precision without altering the part's surface finish.

Laser Scanning

Using the TeleStar Probe, we laser scanned the surface of the machine block to evaluate the surface profile and surface flatness.

Touch Probe Scanning

Leveraging the FlexPoint's articulating probe head, we conducted precise tactile measurements on key features of the block, providing accurate data points for GD&T evaluations.


After collecting the point cloud data using the FlexPoint, we leveraged EVOLVE Smartprofile to analyze the results. Once the point cloud is aligned to the imported CAD model, the deviations are visualized using a colormap. Feature control frames and datum labels are also displayed in the 3D results.
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