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ShapeGrabber Ai620 - 3D Scanners - OGP - Indicate Technologies

ShapeGrabber Ai620

Precision Automated 3D Laser Scanner

The ShapeGrabber Ai620 3D scanner is a high-precision, metrology-grade device designed for measuring the entire surface of intricate plastic, metal, and 3D printed components. In just minutes, it captures a wealth of data points, ensuring detailed and accurate results.


Ai620 is easy to use and highly automated. After an initial scan, the same scanning parameters may be used for subsequent parts, delivering consistent results irrespective of operator skill or experience. There is no need to write special code.


Known for its user-friendly interface and advanced automation, the Ai620 simplifies the scanning process. Once an initial scan is performed, the same scanning parameters can be applied to subsequent parts, ensuring consistent results regardless of the operator's skill or experience level. This eliminates the need for writing specialized code, making the scanning process efficient and accessible

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OGP ShapeGrabber Ai620 Features 

Faster Speed
Utilizing the sg198 scanhead at its maximum scan volume achieves a data measurement rate of 155,000 points per second. For parts not necessitating the full scan volume, the data rate escalates to over 1.5 million points per second. Additionally, there's an optional 25° tilt mechanism facilitating swifter and more comprehensive part coverage without the need for part reorientation.

Enhanced Data Quality
The sg198 scanhead incorporates an optical arrangement derived from OGP’s 75+ years of expertise in designing optical systems for precision measurement. The sensor optics yield data with exceptionally low noise, surpassing the performance of other 3D scanning technologies and ensuring superior data quality.
Optional 25° Tilt Mechanism for Faster, More Complete Part Coverage
Increased Resolution
The incorporated 5MP imager provides depth resolution and data densities suitable for the most challenging applications. The amalgamation of such high resolution within a relatively large volume streamlines the entire process of measuring complex-shaped parts, making it faster and more straightforward.

Expanded Dynamic Range ShapeGrabber scanheads offer a high dynamic range, accurately measuring an extensive array of materials, colors, textures, and finishes without necessitating surface treatments. The sg198 scanhead effectively handles the full spectrum – from matte black plastic to bare metal, grainy castings, and 3D printed parts

OGP ShapeGrabber Ai620 Configurations




Technical Data

600 L x 185 Ø with SG198 Scanhead

155,000 – 1,500,000+

Data Rate (PTS/S)
155,000 – 1,500,000+


ShapeGrabber Scanheads

Laser line scanning, an advanced non-contact and non-destructive technology, employs a 3D optical sensor, also known as a scanhead, to digitally capture the size and shape of objects using a line of laser light. This method sets itself apart from other OGP laser scanning technologies, which utilize a laser point sensor traversing across a surface. While both techniques generate "point clouds" of data from an object's surface, laser line scanners accomplish this faster and typically with a higher point density.



ShapeGrabber Software
SGCentral is an intuitive application that empowers users to customize scan settings, speed, and resolution for ShapeGrabber scanning systems. This feature-rich application is bundled with every ShapeGrabber 3D scanner.

 SGCapture (Optional)

ShapeGrabber Software
ShapeGrabber SGCapture, seamlessly integrated as a plug-in for SmartProfile, empowers users to acquire and evaluate scan data within a unified software package. SmartProfile stands out as the preferred solution for the tolerance evaluation of 3D scanner data, employing proprietary algorithms to minimize measurement uncertainty and generate CMM-like data sets. 

 PolyWorks (Optional)

ShapeGrabber 3D scanners use InnovMetric Software’s PolyWorks point cloud processing software for quality control measurement or to create accurate models from scanner data. PolyWorks software is used by tens of thousands of users in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and other manufacturing industries. ShapeGrabber is a longtime worldwide partner of Innovmetric.

ShapeGrabber scanners with PolyWorks software can take advantage of a plug-in that configures scanning parameters directly within the PolyWorks interface. Once an inspection routine has been established, scanning is triggered automatically during subsequent runs. Scanned points are captured within the application. No need to switch between applications or manage external scan files.

Plug-in Highlights:

  • Configure and trigger scans directly within PolyWorks
  • See scan data as its captured in real time
  • Enables one-step inspection routines from scanning to results
  • Facilitates guided inspections for more complex parts requiring part re-orientation

 Geomagic (Optional)

Performs Analysis and Measurement on the Shapegrabber 3D Scan Data, or to Transform Laser Scan Data Into Highly Accurate Digital Models.

Geomagic’s 3D-data processing software from 3D Systems is used in ShapeGrabber 3D scanning solutions to create accurate models from scanner data, or for quality control and measurement applications.

Geomagic software is used in quality inspection, analysis, reverse engineering, custom manufacturing, industrial design, visualization and digital archiving projects around the world.

Geomagic is a ShapeGrabber partner and we are proud to offer Geomagic software as part of our 3D laser scanning offerings.

OGP ShapeGrabber Ai620 Automatic 3D Laser Scanning Systems