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ShapeGrabber Scanheads


Shapegrabber Scanheads-Exceptional Speed, Accuracy, Resolution and Dynamic Range.

Laser line scanning, an advanced non-contact and non-destructive technology, employs a 3D optical sensor, also known as a scanhead, to digitally capture the size and shape of objects using a line of laser light. This method sets itself apart from other OGP laser scanning technologies, which utilize a laser point sensor traversing across a surface. While both techniques generate "point clouds" of data from an object's surface, laser line scanners accomplish this faster and typically with a higher point density.

In contrast to traditional laser scanning with a point sensor that acquires data over the scan duration, a laser line scanner processes coordinate point data from the entire line simultaneously. This results in quicker and more efficient data acquisition. When confronted with objects larger than the field-of-view of the scanhead, multiple line scans are sequentially merged together.

All ShapeGrabber 3D scanners are offered as comprehensive systems, inclusive of the appropriate scanhead tailored to specific measurement needs. This ensures a holistic and efficient solution for capturing precise and detailed 3D data