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Fusion 600

Innovative large field-of-view 3D multisensor system with an expansive measuring volume.


The OGP Fusion 600 systems represent floor models renowned for their large field-of-view (LFOV) multisensor capabilities, offering high accuracy and a substantial measuring range of 600 x 560 x 300 mm in three dimensions.

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OGP Fusion 600 Features 

Floor model, Fixed Bridge

The system incorporates dual optical paths with an instant magnification change, transitioning between a low magnification with a 100 mm viewing area and high magnification for precise small feature measurements. The system includes autofocus and operates with a fully telecentric design for image accuracy.

Stable Platform
A substantial granite base and a thermally stable Meehanite bridge provide robust support, enabling high-performance linear motor drives.
Options: Touch and Scanning Probes, Telestar TTL Laser, Rainbow Probe, and Rotary Indexers.

Multisensor Versatility
The system offers optional sensors, including touch probe, Scanning Probe, TeleStar® TTL laser, Rainbow Probe, and 4th and 5th axis rotary indexers. All sensors are precisely positioned on the optical centerline through a patented rotational deployment mechanism.

Utilizing 3D CAD-based ZONE3 metrology software, the system integrates integral AutoID and FeatureExtractor functions for streamlined one-touch measurements. Full-field image processing and high-speed cameras enable the instant measurement of entire scenes

 OGP Fusion 600 Configurations


Sensors & Accessories


Technical Data

540 x 500 x 300 mm

Telecentric, dual optical magnification with 100 mm low mag and 20 mm high mag field of view

Profile – Collimated, full field, LED
Surface – Square-on internal
Oblique Surface – Oblique ring light with 8 programmable segments


Tactile Sensor
Touch Probe
Expanding the measurement capabilities of OGP's systems, single-point touch-trigger probing allows for the assessment of features challenging to image or surface boundaries inaccessible to video, enhancing overall measurement versatility.
Tactile Sensor
Scanning Probe
Automatically Acquires Data Points Between User-Defined Start and End Points - Regardless of Surface Complexity
Laser Sensor
Telestar Probe
Self-Contained Off-Axis Partial Coherence Interferometric Range Sensor for Surface Contour Measurement
Laser Sensor
TeleStar Plus Through-the-Lens (TTL) Laser
The TeleStar Plus TTL laser utilizes distinctive interferometric sensing technology, providing exceptional measurement resolution, accuracy, and capability across Fusion, SmartScope SP, and SmartScope Quest/Vantage systems.
Laser Sensor
Rainbow Probe
High resolution, non-contact optical sensor for surface measurements.

Easily measures transparent, translucent, fragile, liquid or easily deformable surfaces and are a mounted in mechanical deployment mechanisms so they can be retracted when not in use.


Rotary Indexes
Our measurement systems equipped with rotary indexers enable the comprehensive characterization of symmetric parts and those with significant features on multiple sides. These rotaries, available in various capacities, resolutions, and configurations (both simple and compound), facilitate complete 4 and 5-axis measurements within a single setup.


Zone 3

The ZONE3 CAD-based metrology software offers utmost flexibility for multisensor measurements, whether utilizing a CAD model or not. Its entirely graphical user interface, visual validation at each stage, and graphical reporting contribute to making ZONE3 the most user-friendly and intuitive 3D metrology software currently accessible.

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