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X-Ray/CT Scanning Inspection Service


At Indicate Technologies, we offer x-ray/CT scanning inspections using RX Solutions' industrial CT scanning systems. Our team will work closely with you to understand the specific requirements of your parts to deliver accurate and reliable inspection results.

Improving your Quality Control

Non-Destructive Evaluation: Our CT scanning inspection is non-destructive, allowing for thorough internal inspections without damaging your parts.

Comprehensive 3D Visualization: Your deliverable is a complete 3D view of the part, revealing internal structures, hidden defects, and complex geometries that would be challenging to measure using traditional methods.

Detailed Defect Detection: We can detect defects such as voids, porosity, cracks, and assembly issues that may not be visible externally.

Enhance your Product Quality: Our inspections contribute to improved product quality and consistency, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Our Equipment

We offer x-ray/CT scanning inspection services using RX Solutions CT scanning machines. During the CT scanning process, the part is placed into the scanner and a series of X-ray images are taken from multiple angles. The scanner then reconstructs the images into a 3D model, providing insights into the parts internal features, defects, and assembly characteristics. With an ultimate resolution of 0.4 microns and 9-motion axes, our inspections are ideal for accurate internal inspections.

RX Solutions EasyTom S

This CT scanner uses X-ray technology to penetrate the object being inspected and create 2D cross-sectional images, which are then reconstructed into a 3D image using specialized software. The resulting 3D image can then be used for dimensional analysis, defect detection, reverse engineering, and other applications. 

Applications and Case Studies


Lithium Ion Battery Inspection - Automotive

Discover how the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) utilizes CT scanning to inspect the microstructure of materials within electric vehicle batteries.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Inspection - Automotive

Hydrogen fuel tanks are inspected using EasyTom CT scanners for an accurate and comprehensive analysis of the exterior and interior of the tanks. This inspection process ensures the dependability, effectiveness, and safety of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Other Measurement Services


Dimensional Inspection

Our multisensor CMMs use contact probes and non-contact vision and laser sensors to measure the geometric features of parts accurately. Our machines can measure parts ranging from small, intricate components to large objects, and we can measure from microns down to single nanometers. We have a range of CMMs with different sizes and accuracies to meet the specific measurement needs of our customers.

Surface/Form Metrology

Using our 3D surface profilers and CMMs, we can measure the topography and profile of the surface of your parts. Our measurement techniques include contact and non-contact profilometers and optical interferometers. This service is particularly important for parts that need to maintain a specific level of smoothness or flatness.

Reverse Engineering/Product Digitization

Our 3D scanning equipment can accurately measure the shape and size of parts, providing a detailed digital model of the part. Our reverse engineering process can help identify defects, material inconsistencies, and optimize the manufacturing process. This service is particularly helpful when you need to compare the original design to the manufactured part or need to reproduce a part with a specific shape.

Metrology Contract Inspection > X-Ray/CT Scanning Inspection Service

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