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Easytom S

Easytom S is a compact and versatile microfocus X-ray inspection system designed by RX Solutions. It features a high-resolution detector, powerful X-ray source, and user-friendly software for easy operation and data analysis. With advanced imaging capabilities and a range of tools for image processing and measurement, Easytom S is ideal for industrial and research applications.
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Product Features

Industrial Computed Tomography system
​The all-new RX Solutions EasyTom S is a compact but powerful CT System designed to address the most challenging 3D applications ranging from material research to industrial applications in R&D, quality assurance and production. With this new compact equipment, it is now possible to visualize, measure and analyze with high resolution large components or assemblies, up to 185 mm in diameter and 400 mm in height.

Flexible X-ray solution
Thanks to the flexible screen arm combined with the wide door opening, the system facilitates easy access to the rotation stage and optimizes the sample positioning. A first-class mechanics made of granite axes enables the realization of high-resolution scans and ensures long-term system stability.
High-grade resolution
With an ultimate resolution up to 2 µm and multiple generators & detectors choices, EasyTom S gives sharp details and the balanced contrast and brightness needed for high quality imaging even at low energy.

A powerful X-ray software
Proprietary "X-Act" software delivers powerful results and breakthrough image quality across the entire RX Solutions' range of CT Systems. EasyTom S integrates the full-featured “X-Act” software suite, that streamlines acquisition, enhances reconstruction with advanced corrective algorithms, and is capable of fully automated workflow all the way through scanning, reconstruction, and inspection steps.

Technical Specifications





Scanner type

Light Source




Alignment accuracy

Scanning rate

Scanning Area

Color Scanning

3D Printing





Optimal scanning distance range 

Effective working range 

Maximum single scanning area up to 

Point DIstance



Operating temperature range

Interface mode

Output formats

Laser class

Working power supply

Technical Specifications
Top performance: Outstanding CT resolution 2 µm
Flexible: Large inspection volume (ø 185mm x 390 mm height) with four mechanical axes
Finest stability: first-class mechanics with granite axes for long-term stability
Powerful: 110 to 150 kV high power microfocus X-ray generators
User friendly: Large screen and ergonomic standing station. Large leaded windows on the front side of the system.
Automation: Fully automated part-to-measure workflow
Maintenance-free: Sealed X-ray source - no vacuum pump, no need to service or change filaments, cathodes or high voltage cables
Easy integration: Compact footprint CT system (H. 1865 mm / W. 1325 mm / D. 890 mm)

Training - Support & Services
Our Services Team will support you from system planning and installation to system operation and maintenance. They will provide you with basic and expert training, hotline support, and remote assistance and with comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance contracts.

We will ensure that your CT system is kept upgraded with the latest functionalities we develop, to enhance its performance and to better serve your applications. Our Services Team will help prevent unnecessary downtime and extend the lifetime of your CT system to maximize your return on investment.


Additive manufacturing
Art & jewelry
Plastic injection molding
Medical & dental
Oil & gas
Research & sciences


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