3D Printing in 

By introducing 3D printers into the classroom, students will learn skills in design, engineering, collaboration, problem-solving and more.

Students will get hands-on training with the same hardware used by industry leaders, such as Tesla, Apple, Volkswagen and Ford. Working with 3D printers will also teach students the ins and outs of 3D CAD and slicing software.

3D printing will spark their creativity across science, technology, engineering, art and maths. Prepare students for tomorrow’s world, today. Start building students’ resumes, and do it in a way they love.

Explore some common applications


Hands-on Learning

With 3D printing, courses can now be hands-on for visual learners. Learning about organs in Anatomy class? Design and print a human heart. Learning about Ancient Egypt in History class? Design and print a model of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Empower Creativity

With 3D printing, you can position your students as creators and inventors. 3D printing enables students to think through how to solve problems, design models using CAD software, and optimize the entire process.

Develop Engineering Experience

With 3D printing, students can start gaining design and engineering experience by operating the same hardware and CAD/slicing software used by tech giants and other large corporations.

Popular 3D printers used by 
students and educators




Desktop Metal


UltiMaker S7 Pro Bundle

The S7 Pro Bundle takes the new S7 flagship model from UltiMaker and combines it with the Material Handling Station to create a professional desktop 3D printing powerhouse. Evolving from the UltiMaker S5, the S7 offers an integrated Air Manager, an upgraded print head, an enhanced build stack with a flexible build plate, and improved insulation. The Material Station provides automatic material handling while also storing up to six spools of filament at optimal conditions to ensure the most reliable 3D printing experience to date.

UltiMaker S7

The S7 is the latest flagship model from UltiMaker improving on all that made the S5 successful, now with an integrated Air Manager, an upgraded print head, an enhanced build stack with a flexible build plate, and improved insulation for the most reliable 3D printing experience to date. Add the Material Station to make an S7 Pro Bundle and take professional 3D printing productivity to the next level.

UltiMaker S5 Pro Bundle

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle consists of the S5 printer combined with the Air Manager and Material Station add-ons. The easy-to-use and industrially capable S5 Pro Bundle delivers an automated professional 3D printing experience. The Air Manager provides efficient air filtering and helps maintain a stable printing temperature, while the Material Station offers automatic material handling and humidity control to keep 3D printing materials in optimal conditions. Together, these features unlock 24/7 productivity and demanding applications with an extended range of materials.

UltiMaker S5

The UltiMaker S5 offers all of the best-in-class technical specs that the S3 provides, such as dual extrusion, an intuitive touchscreen, remote printing, 200+ material compatibility, all with a larger build volume. Additionally, the S5 offers optional add-ons such as the Air Manager for air filtration and the Material Handling Station, combined which make up the S5 Pro Bundle to provide a complete 3D printing solution capable of running continuously while maximizing uptime.  

UltiMaker S3

The UltiMaker S3 is a professional desktop 3D printer that offers an award-winning touchscreen, remote printing, and dual extrusion capabilities. This open-material system combined with intuitive software integration optimizes productivity for various applications across industries. 

UltiMaker 2+ Connect

The Ultimaker 2+ Connect improves on the workhorse legacy of it's predecessor with a new touchscreen and remote printing capabilities. A clean and updated design keeps maintenance to a minimum – just 20 minutes per month, without the need for special tools. Switch out swappable nozzles in less than 5 minutes for high uptime, from 0.25 mm for detailed prints up to 0.8 mm for fast drafts or 3D sketches. Add the 2+ Connect Air Manager for air quality peace-of-mind.

Intamsys FUNMAT PRO 310

The latest addition to Intamsys functional materials (FUNMAT) 3D printer series, the FUNMAT PRO 310. This new professional FFF 3D printer is engineered to print with engineering-grade materials, delivering flexibility and ease of use to engineers and small businesses. It boasts a thermostatic chamber and a large build volume, providing incredible print quality while reducing potential errors or flaws. The printer can be equipped with an independently sealed drying filament box with a reusable molecular sieve, keeping humidity from impacting the quality of filament.

Intamsys Funmat HT Enhanced

The Intamsys Funmat HT Enhanced is an unmatched professional-grade 3D printer that is designed to print high-performance materials such as PEEK, PPSU, and other high-temperature thermoplastics. With its advanced features and capabilities, the Funmat HT is the ideal choice for engineers, researchers, and manufacturers who require precision and reliability in their 3D printing applications.

BigRep ONE.4

The BigRep ONE.4 is a large-format 3D printer that is designed for industrial use. With a build volume of 1 cubic meter, it is capable of producing large-scale objects with high precision. The printer is equipped with advanced features, including a heated build platform and a user-friendly touchscreen interface, making it ideal for a wide range of applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and architecture.

DM Studio System 2

Unlike laser-based systems that selectively melt metal powder, the Studio System extrudes bound metal rods—similar to how an FDM printer works. This eliminates many of the safety requirements often associated with metal 3D printing while enabling new features like the use of fully closed-cell infill for lightweight strength.