FUNMAT PRO 310 3D Printers Intamsys - Indicate Technologies
FUNMAT PRO 310 3D Printers Intamsys FUNMAT PRO 310 w/ Cabinet - Indicate Technologies
FUNMAT PRO 310 3D Printers Intamsys - Indicate Technologies
FUNMAT PRO 310 3D Printers Intamsys - Indicate Technologies
FUNMAT PRO 310 3D Printers Intamsys - Indicate Technologies


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 The Intamsys FUNMAT PRO 310 includes an IDEX printing mode, allowing users to print support structures, print with multiple materials, and even mirror or duplicate their designs during a single print operation.


Given its compatibility with a wide range of engineering-grade filaments and a stable high-temperature print environment, this 3D printer is ideal for many applications in aerospace, automotive, electronics manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, research and more. The FUNMAT PRO 310 is available for pre-order now! 


Compatible Materials:

  • PLA, PA6/66, PA12, PC, PC-ABS, ABS, ABS+, ASA, PA6-CF, PA12-CF
  • Support Materials: HIPS, PVA, SP3030, SP3050
  • Third-party materials are also compatible


INTAMBox Filament Dry Storage:

The FUNMAT PRO 310 includes the all-new INTAMBox, which is designed to keep your filament in pristine condition.

  • Overall sealed design with molecular sieve dehumidification
  • Built-in temperature and humidity monitoring sensor
  • Fixes spools in place to help prevent the filament from being loose and knotted
  • Spool capacity: Two 1 kg filament spools


Select Model:
  • FUNMAT PRO 310
  • FUNMAT PRO 310 w/ Cabinet

Product Features 

Thermostatic chamber
(Max. 100°C) provides incredible print quality while reducing potential errors or flaws

Large build volume
Single nozzle - 305 ×260 × 260 mm; 
Dual nozzle - 260x260x260mm

Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX)
Allows more possibilities with dual material printing, mirror printing, and copy printing

Dual-drive gear extruder
Increase the contact surface for more torque and higher reliability

Robust Frame Design
High-rigidity metal frame keeps vibrations to a minimum during prints and works with the motion control system for continuous and stable printing

Flexible build plate
Easy part removal
Open Materials System
Compatible with third-party materials

User-friendly INTAMTOUCH interface
7-inch full-color touchscreen with an overhauled interface, making it the most user-friendly printer in the FUNMAT range

Intelligent Design
Whole process control with remote monitoring, remote printing, and short of wire alarm brings an unparalled user experience

Smart software
The process control software can meet various application requirements via intelligent path planning, taking into account material and part function to improve the printing success rate

Independent Feeder Box
Independently sealed drying filament box with a reusable molecular sieve, keeping humidity from impacting the quality of filament

Technical Specifications


Printer Properties

Operation Parameters


Service, Support, & Safety


Build Volume
Single nozzle: 305×260×260 mm (12x10x10 in); 
Dual nozzle: 260x260x260 mm (10x10x10 in)

Assembled dimensions
700x655x700 mm; (28x26x28 in)

Print technology
FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Compatible filament diameter
1.75 mm

70 kg, 154 lbs

Power output
100–132V/15A or 200 – 240V/7A. 50/60 Hz

Max. power

Printer Properties

7-inch color touchscreen

Layer Thickness
0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm

XY resolution
XY: 16μm Z: 1.25μm

Chamber Temperature
Max. 100°C

Build Plate Temperature
Max. 160°C
Nozzle number
2 (Independent)

Nozzle temperature
Standard temp. nozzle:
Max. 300°C

Nozzle diameters
Standard: 0.4 mm 
(Optional: 0.25, 0.6 mm)

Nozzle maintenance
Quick dismounting, Easy installation

Operation Parameters

Filter technology
HEPA filter + Active carbon

Printing Speed

XY speed
Max. XY 300mm/s

Build plate leveling
Multiple points calibration

Build plate
PI panel heating + Spring steel magnet printing bed
Cooling system
Active air cooling

Operating ambient temperature

Operating ambient humidity

Storage temperature

Storage Humidity



Supplied Free Software

Software Compatibility
You can use the latest Cura, Simplify3D, Slic3r, and other toolpath generators (recommended)

Supported OS

Input File Type
Standard G-code, STL/OBJ

Service, Support, & Safety

Ask us to learn more about training for any of your Intamsys 3D printers

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty, except on consumables

Expert Support
Local tech support via email, phone, or in-person service

Safety Design
Chamber safety lock, Over-heat protection, Alert sign

Safety Compliance


Introducing the FUNMAT PRO 310