Introduced in 1992, OGP SmartScope measurement systems have become globally renowned as one of the most popular and adaptable dimensional measurement solutions for precision measurement challenges.

The SmartScope 3D multi-sensor systems seamlessly integrate optical, laser, and tactile sensors, enabling more comprehensive and efficient part measurements with reduced uncertainty and shorter processing times.

These systems are purposefully designed as multi-sensor solutions, with all sensors seamlessly integrated into the system mechanics and software. They are calibrated simultaneously, making them available for use at any stage in the measurement routine.

OGP's SmartScope systems incorporate multiple capabilities typically found in separate specialized systems into a single, versatile system. This integration results in reduced capital expenses and operating costs, providing significant benefits.

Manufacturers worldwide utilize SmartScope systems for a range of applications, from quick walk-up measurements on the shop floor to complex Industry 4.0 production environments with full automation.
Automatic Video Measurement
Mechanical and Digital Zoom optical systems
Systems That Handle Nearly Every Type and Size of Part
Large range of CNC platforms supporting a variety of multisensor configurations
Efficient, Accurate Measurements
Ability to combine optical, laser and tactile sensor
Easy to Use, Powerful Software
Easy to use Measure-X and 3D CAD based ZONE3 metrology software

SmartScope E-Series

The SmartScope E-Series Systems establish the benchmark for 3-axis video measurement performance.

The IntelliCentric™ optical system with a fixed lens and digital zoom collaborates to deliver a high-resolution image specifically designed for video edge detection metrology.

Smartscope Flash & CNC

The SmartScope® Flash™ 3D Multisensor Measurement Systems are versatile "all-in-one" multisensor coordinate measuring systems designed to address a diverse range of measurement requirements. 

The Flash product line provides the broadest spectrum of XYZ machine travels, ranging from 200 x 200 x 150 mm to 650 x 660 x 400 mm. Additionally, there are models with extensive XY travels reaching up to 1500 x 1500 mm, making them well-suited for effortlessly accommodating very large parts.

Smartscope ZIP

Capable, Field-Tested Automatic Dimensional Measurement, Worldwide Favorites in the Industrial Marketplace.

The SmartScope® ZIP® systems provide exceptional optical performance and a variety of machine travels, ensuring consistent and reliable operational capabilities.

Smartscope Quest

High-Accuracy System Designed to Use a Variety of Sensors for Full 3D Measurement.

SmartScope® Quest™ systems are engineered to deliver optimal performance and utmost accuracy in three-dimensional multisensor measurement. The patented TeleStar® 10:1 zoom lens, characterized by complete telecentricity, is automatically calibrated across the entire zoom range, ensuring distortion-free and high-fidelity images.

Smartscope SP

Designed for Optimum Scanning Probe Performance.

SmartScope® SP systems are meticulously designed for optimal scanning probe performance. Beginning with a sturdy base structure, the system mechanics are crafted to enhance dynamic data acquisition, a crucial element for scanning probe performance. The performance specifications for SP models adhere to ISO 10360 standards in most cases.