- Classifying 3D Printers -

Large Format 3D Printers

Large-format 3D printers are systems that are too large to sit on a desktop and typically offer build volumes larger than 500mm cubed (approx. 20 inches cubed).

Larger build volumes enable users to print full-scaled objects without the need for slicing, printing, and processing large prints as separate pieces.

With increased versatility, faster production time, and lower-costs than traditional manufacturing methods, these large-sized 3D printers are quickly growing in popularity for manufacturing and industrial applications allowing the printing of large patterns, tools, molds, functional prototypes, and end-use parts.

Objects printed with industrial 3D printers are often highly functional parts ranging from end-use products like furniture and recreational vehicles, to high-strength industrial tooling.

The significant cost for outsourcing large parts and prototypes makes investing in a large-format 3D printer the best option for many organizations. 



3D Systems


BigRep ONE.4

The BigRep ONE.4 is a large-format 3D printer that is designed for industrial use. With a build volume of 1 cubic meter, it is capable of producing large-scale objects with high precision. The printer is equipped with advanced features, including a heated build platform and a user-friendly touchscreen interface, making it ideal for a wide range of applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and architecture.


The BigRep STUDIO.2 is a durable, cost-effective partner for innovation and industrial production that makes manufacturing high-quality, large-format parts easy. With a sleek, space-conscious body, perfect for the production of factory tooling in any setting, the STUDIO.2 is optimal for any workspace - from the office to the factory floor.

BigRep PRO.2

The BigRep PRO.2 is a large-format industrial 3D printer that is designed to create high-quality and detailed prints at a large scale. It has a build volume of one-cubic-meter and is capable of printing with a variety of materials, including PLA, ABS, PETG, PC, Carbon Fiber and more. The printer is also equipped with advanced features such as a heated build platform and a filament monitoring system to ensure the best possible print quality.

Supported by its Precision Motions Portal, a durable, custom-built gantry, along with Bosch Rexroth CNC components, the PRO consistently delivers on speed, precision, and quality. Now thanks to JUMPSTART, a new BigRep hybrid software-hardware solution that lets you skip the hassle and just start printing, the PRO is easier than ever to use.

ETEC Xtreme 8K

The Xtreme 8K makes volume production of 3D-printed parts a reality, with the ability to print thousands of parts per day. With wide material compatibility, including hard plastics, high-temperature plastics, elastomers and rubbers, the Xtreme 8K enables the production of the broadest possible range of parts.

The Xtreme 8K leverages long-chain polymer chemistry to create fully-isotropic, stable, end-use parts, and features a heated vat, allowing users to process highly viscous and solid materials at room temperatures.

3D Systems ProJet MJP 5600

The ProJet MJP 5600 delivers ready-to-use parts at print speeds up to 2x faster than similar printers. This MultiJet 3D printing solution can quickly output a full build and offers a cleaning method that’s up to 4x faster than other processes thanks to automated post-processing. With a high capacity and over 50% larger build volume than other MultiJet Printing machines, you can print parts up to half a meter long—or several smaller parts—in a single build.