A New Generation of Large Format Multisensor CMMs

FlexPoint represents the latest evolution in multisensor coordinate measuring machines developed by OGP. This cutting-edge system incorporates a distinctive blend of sensors and CAD-based programming to address a diverse range of dimensional measurement challenges.

Available in sizes ranging from 7.7.6 to 12.30.10, FlexPoint systems incorporate VersaFlex, a patented sensor array that enables the use of up to three sensors simultaneously through an articulating head. This includes the reliable scanning probe, telecentric optics, and the high-precision 1 μm accuracy TeleStar interferometric laser. Notably, users can switch between these sensors without the need for time-consuming exchanges or constant recalibration, minimizing downtime.

The elimination of time-consuming tool changes is made possible by having all sensors ready for immediate use. The CAD programmable articulation of VersaFlex™ ensures optimal positioning and alignment of all sensors. This capability is particularly beneficial for efficiently measuring parts that would typically require multiple machines for comprehensive inspection. As a result, the FlexPoint system enhances both accuracy and speed.

The high-speed, air-bearing bridge transport system is designed for the factory floor environment. It incorporates active thermal compensation, making it well-suited for efficient and precise measurements in real-world manufacturing settings.
Selecting the optimum sensor for each measurement and align it to the part as required. No need to drive to a change rack for a different sensor Gain speed and accuracy. Eliminate the need for multiple machines
VersaFlex™ articulating multi sensor array
Bring high speed accurate measuring capability to the shop floor
High speed, air-bearing, bridge transports with active temperature compensation. Machine accuracy verification performed according to ISO 10360
Programming easily mastered, address complex GD&T with immediate feedback of measured results
ZONE3 Metrology Software- Same programming methods for all sensors, GD&T support for ASME Y14.5 and ISO 1101, and model based graphical reporting

Flexpoint 7, 9 and 12 series

A unique blend of precision flexibility, and speed, to solve a wide variety of dimensional measurement problems for large format parts