Artec Studio 17 EDU Retroactive Upgrade

Sale price$2,400.00

This Artec Studio upgrade of 20 licenses only applies for our customer in EDU with an older version of AS

- Retroactive upgrade is available to users with older versions of Artec Studio
- All upgrades are made to the latest version of Artec Studio only.
- Every upgrade means a replacement of the old Artec Studio version with a new one.

Artec Studio 17 is a cutting-edge 3D scanning software with innovative features for quality inspection, reverse engineering, and full-color CGI workflows. Designed based on user feedback, it offers unparalleled accuracy and streamlined processes. Key features include datum alignment, auto surface conversion, and improved mesh handling. The software also introduces a photo viewing mode, enhanced user interface, and faster data handling and reconstruction. Artec Studio 17 sets a new standard for efficient and precise 3D workflows.