Who is ETEC?

Professional-Grade 3D Printing

ETEC (formerly EnvisionTec) is the original inventor of digital light processing (DLP) technology and currently offers some of the most advanced precision polymer printers and materials on the market.

EnvisionTec was founded in 2002 and has become a leader in the health care, dental, and medical industries. In 2021, EnvisionTec was acquired by Desktop Metal and the company was rebranded to ETEC. Now, ETEC is bringing high-speed polymer printing 3D printing solutions to consumer goods and industrial manufacturing.

ETEC offers a variety of 3D printing systems with the ability to mass produce polymer parts with the speed and quality needed for demanding end-use applications. ETEC printers deliver parts with exceptional accuracy, superior part properties, fine feature detail, and smooth surface finish at a scale and cost that is competitive with traditional manufacturing techniques like injection molding.

From desktop production of small parts to 24/7, lights-out manufacturing to large, production-grade printers, ETEC solutions address a wide range of production scales.

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ETEC produces professional-grade DLP 3D printers with a portfolio of hard plastics, high-performance elastomers and high-temperature materials meant to address a huge range of applications. 

3D Printers


ETEC Xtreme 8K

The Xtreme 8K makes volume production of 3D-printed parts a reality, with the ability to print thousands of parts per day. With wide material compatibility, including hard plastics, high-temperature plastics, elastomers and rubbers, the Xtreme 8K enables the production of the broadest possible range of parts.

The Xtreme 8K leverages long-chain polymer chemistry to create fully-isotropic, stable, end-use parts, and features a heated vat, allowing users to process highly viscous and solid materials at room temperatures.

ETEC Envision One

The Envision One is a highly advanced 3D printer designed to produce high-quality and precise prints. It utilizes advanced DLP technology that can cure the entire layer of the resin at once, allowing for faster and more efficient printing. With a large build volume and fast print speeds, this 3D printer is perfect for professionals who require high precision and speed in their 3D printing projects.


Crafted to excel in continuous round-the-clock manufacturing settings, the Pro XL has the capability to operate autonomously, with minimal need for user involvement. Effortlessly produce substantial quantities of parts with the required quality, surface smoothness, and precision essential for real-world applications.


The D4K is a high-end 3D printer that utilizes advanced DLP technology to produce incredibly precise and accurate prints. It features a 4K resolution projector and advanced software that allows for fast and efficient printing. The D4K is perfect for applications that require high precision and detail, such as jewelry making, dental applications, and more. With its large build volume, fast printing speeds, and exceptional accuracy, the D4K is a top-of-the-line 3D printer for professionals.