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The D4K is a high-end 3D printer that utilizes advanced DLP technology to produce incredibly precise and accurate prints. It features a 4K resolution projector and advanced software that allows for fast and efficient printing. The D4K is perfect for applications that require high precision and detail, such as jewelry making, dental applications, and more. With its large build volume, fast printing speeds, and exceptional accuracy, the D4K is a top-of-the-line 3D printer for professionals.

Product Features 

High resolution
The ETEC D4K features a 4K monochrome screen and is capable of printing with a layer height as small as 10 microns, resulting in highly detailed and accurate prints.

Large build volume
With a build volume of 120 x 68 x 180 mm, the ETEC D4K offers ample space for printing larger objects or multiple smaller objects at once.

Fast printing speed
The ETEC D4K can print at speeds of up to 35 mm per hour, allowing for quick turnaround times on printing projects.

User-friendly software
The printer comes with a user-friendly software interface that allows for easy design and manipulation of 3D models prior to printing.
Multiple connectivity options
The ETEC D4K can be connected to a computer via USB or Ethernet, or can be used with a USB drive for standalone printing.

Flexible material compatibility
The ETEC D4K can print with a wide range of materials, including standard resins, castable resins, and flexible materials, giving users greater flexibility in their printing projects.

Low maintenance
The ETEC D4K is designed with a self-cleaning function, which helps to reduce maintenance and downtime associated with cleaning the printer between prints.

Compact size
The ETEC D4K has a relatively small footprint compared to other industrial-grade 3D printers, making it easier to integrate into small workshops or studios.

Technical Specifications


Printer Properties

Operation Parameters


Service and Support


Build Volume

Assembled dimensions

Print technology

Compatible filament diameter

56.02 kg (123.5 lbs)

Power input

Maximum power output


Printer Properties

Layer Resolution

XYZ resolution
- Native XY Resolution 50 μm
- Patented Enhanced XY Resolution 25 μm
- Z Resolution 25–100 μm

Feeder type


Print core replacement

Print head

Nozzle diameters


Operation Parameters

Filter technology

Air Extraction Rate

Build speed

Nozzle temperature

Nozzle heat up time

Operating sound

Build plate leveling

Build plate

Build plate heat up time

Operating ambient temperature

Non-operating temperature



Supplied Free Software

Plugin Integration

Supported OS

Supported File Types

File Transfer


Service and Support


Warranty period

Expert Support 

Extended Support



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