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3D scanning technology cuts down the cost of 3D game development and 3D movie production, effectively turning innovative imagination into reality.

Game developers and animation designers can reproduce real-world objects and characters, construct virtual scenes, and build fantastic 3D worlds. Thanks to their highly realistic 3D reconstruction capabilities, 3D scanners highly contribute to 3D animation production.

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Digitizing Real World Objects

3D scanners can capture real-world tangible objects and spaces and generate digital models for video games and movies. Whether it’s a character model, clothing, furniture or food, you can make your production more authentic.

3D Visualization

3D scanning together with 3D software enables you to create 3D models of real-life objects for 3D visualization. This technology is applicable in creating CGI in animation movies and games, archiving, and preserving cultural relics and ancient architectures.

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Artec Eva

Make accurate models fast with Artec’s bestselling white-light 3D scanner. Great for capturing all kinds of medium-sized objects such as a motorcycle exhaust system, the human body, or furniture.

Artec Space Spider

Perfect for capturing small objects with intricate details, such as a cylinder head, coins, or a human ear. The data quality and ease of use of this high-precision, portable metrological 3D scanning solution excels on the small stuff.

Scantech iReal 2E

The iReal 2E is the ultimate tool for capturing precise 3D scans of medium to large-sized objects and the human body. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this scanner is specially designed to maximize performance in depth of field, scanning area, algorithm, texture reproduction, and detail capturing.

The iReal 2E uses the latest Infrared VCSEL structured light technology to provide you with a safe and comfortable 3D scanning experience. With no need for markers, you can achieve quick texture capturing and geometry acquisition. Its mixed alignment modes ensure that you can adapt to various scanning situations, making it perfect for a wide range of applications.

What's more, the iReal 2E is incredibly user-friendly. Its intuitive interface and easy-to-use software make it simple to capture, edit, and share your 3D scans. And with its exceptional detail capturing and texture reproduction, you can be sure that your scans will be of the highest quality.

Scantech KSCAN-Magic

Uses infrared laser and blue laser technology with five standard working modes to deliver unparalleled scanning speed, accuracy, detail, scanning area, and depth of field.

Scantech SIMSCAN

Hand-sized, portable 3D scanner. Ideal for scanning narrow spaced or under large objects.


Measuring a material’s appearance characteristics is critical to improving quality and accelerating time to market. By accurately measuring the appearance characteristics of physical samples, the TAC7 Scanner produces digital material files that can easily be communicated and shared across the design to production workflow.

Virtual Light Booth

The Virtual Light Booth provides diffuse and spot light sources that enable accurate visual assessment in a well-defined and standardized visual observation environment, even for highly complex materials such as special-effects paints and coatings whose color and appearance change based on the angle at which they are being observed.

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