Scantech 3D Scanner iReal 2E

Scantech iReal 2E 2022 Scantech - Indicate Technologies
Scantech iReal 2E 2022 Scantech - Indicate Technologies
Scantech iReal 2E 2022 Scantech - Indicate Technologies
Scantech iReal 2E 2022 Scantech - Indicate Technologies
Scantech iReal 2E 2022 Scantech - Indicate Technologies
Scantech iReal 2E 2022 Scantech - Indicate Technologies
Scantech iReal 2E 2022 Scantech - Indicate Technologies
Scantech iReal 2E 2022 Scantech - Indicate Technologies

iReal 2E

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Introducing the iReal 2E, the ultimate tool for capturing precise 3D scans of medium to large-sized objects and the human body. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this scanner is specially designed to maximize performance in depth of field, scanning area, algorithm, texture reproduction, and detail capturing.


The iReal 2E uses the latest Infrared VCSEL structured light technology to provide you with a safe and comfortable 3D scanning experience. With no need for markers, you can achieve quick texture capturing and geometry acquisition. Its mixed alignment modes ensure that you can adapt to various scanning situations, making it perfect for a wide range of applications.


What's more, the iReal 2E is incredibly user-friendly. Its intuitive interface and easy-to-use software make it simple to capture, edit, and share your 3D scans. And with its exceptional detail capturing and texture reproduction, you can be sure that your scans will be of the highest quality.


Experience the future of 3D scanning with the iReal 2E – the ultimate tool for precision, safety, and ease of use.

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    Product Features

    Effortless Smooth
    Flexible and smooth 3D scanning at medium to large-sized objects due to 580 mm x 550 mm scanning area and 720 mm depth of field.

    Invisible Light 3D Experience
    Red VCSEL structured light brings you the safest and most comfortable 3D scanning experience, eliminating the issues of dazzling lights and the difficulty of hair scanning.

    Super HD Texture Capturing
    With its HD color reproduction, iReal 2E deeply fulfills the visual experience of texture capturing in various fields.
    Ultra-fast Data Collection
    By using the brand-new 3D sensor, iReal 2E delivers an efficient data acquisition with a measurement rate of 1,500,000 points/s.

    Optimized Algorithm
    Rapid texture capturing and geometry acquisition without markers, strengthen the ability to capture reflective textures, mixed alignment modes meet various scanning situations.

    Human body scanning
    Invisible light/hair/dark environment scanning; automatically remove the layers of body shaking.

    Technical Specifications




    Scanner type

    Light Source
    Infrared VSCEL 
    structured light

    Infrared linear-array structured light

    3 sets of invisible light sources; 3 camera groups; 3 sets of auxiliary lights
    0.100 mm

    Alignment accuracy
    Up to 0.300 mm/m

    Scanning rate
    Up to 1,500,000 points/s

    Color Scanning

    3D Printing
    140 mm x 94 mm x 258 mm

    850 g

    Optimal scanning distance range 
    300 mm ~ 500 mm

    Effective working range 
    280 mm ~ 1000 mm

    Maximum single scanning area up to 
    580 mm x 550 mm

    Point DIstance
    0.200 mm ~ 3 mm

    Operating temperature range

    Interface mode
    USB 3.0

    Output formats
    Laser class
    CLASS I (eye-safe)

    Working power supply
    Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
    Output: 24 = 3.75A, 90W MA


    • Aerospace: ScanTech delivers reliable 3D digitalization and NDT solutions for manufacturers in the aerospace industry, bringing disruptive improvements to the manufacturing field.
    • Automotive: 3D scanning technology realizes lower development cost, distinctive design, and strict quality control for automakers to explore more valuable potential market.
    • Manufacturing: 3D scanning provides competitive advantages to manufacturers and widely applies to each industry of value chain in machinery manufacture.
    • Mold: High-precision 3D scanning brings mold manufacturers great convenience and satisfactory efficiency in product development and prolonging product life cycle.
    • Energy: ScanTech 3D scanners carry a big weight in overcoming challenges for energy industry for 3D Measurement, 3D Scanner, 3D Scanning&3D Digital Solutions accelerate progress of R&D and strictly control product quality.
    • VR Showcase: 3D scanning provides great convenience in Virtual display such as VR decoration, VR game, etc.
    • Entertainment: Enabling gaming, 3D movie studios to satisfy the creative imaginings more efficiently than ever before.

    Product Video

    Watch the product video for the Scantech iReal 2E 2022 3D Scanner: