Virtual Light Booth (Showroom Equipment) - 3D Scanners - X - Rite - Indicate Technologies
Virtual Light Booth (Showroom Equipment) - 3D Scanners - X - Rite - Indicate Technologies
Virtual Light Booth (Showroom Equipment) - 3D Scanners - X - Rite - Indicate Technologies

Virtual Light Booth (Showroom Equipment)

This listing is for our Virtual Light Booth showroom unit. Showroom systems have never been sold, have been used as a representative demonstrator, are evaluated and delivered at like-new conditions.


Contact us for an in-person or virtual demonstration of our Virtual Light Booth and to discuss discount pricing for this showroom unit.



Welcome to the smoothest and most accurate way to take real materials and migrate them into the digital world. Now, you can measure and model the appearance characteristics of a physical material with an entirely new level of accuracy, enabling unmatched realism and efficiency in virtual design.


Until now, CAD and rendering software have struggled to accurately visualize physical appearance attributes like texture, gloss, transparency, and opacity. The Total Appearance Capture Ecosystem and Virtual Light Booth (VLB) address this by enabling the capture and verification of a material's true appearance in a digital setting.


The Virtual Light Booth facilitates precise, side-by-side visualization and comparison of 3D digital material renderings with physical samples under identical perceptual conditions, including illumination, context, and observation factors. This allows design teams to easily adjust these conditions to observe changes in material performance, leading to more informed material choices, faster approval times, and enhanced product quality.


Benefits include:

  • Direct comparison of digital and physical material samples. Integrated camera-based sensors, spectrophotometers, and colorimeters ensure accurate visualization and evaluation of materials, maintaining consistency for quality assurance.
  • Assessment under accurate lighting conditions. Ambient light measurement compensates for surrounding lighting, creating controlled lighting conditions in any setting. Users can adjust, view, and compare digital and physical samples under both spot and diffuse lighting conditions.
  • Viewing from multiple angles. Motion and facial tracking adjust the virtual representation as the viewer's angle changes, ensuring precise evaluation of materials with special-effect pigments that alter appearance based on the viewing angle.

This unique, immersive 3D experience enables designers to make more informed material choices, reduce approval cycles, improve product quality, and speed up time-to-market.