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Verisurf 2023

Verisurf 2023—Your Partners to Mission Success: Verisurf 2023 enhancements feature increased power and performance for complex CMM programming scenarios, advanced mesh and reverse engineering tools, and intelligent GD&T. Creation of a CMM program/plan direct from MBD is a game changer! Also in this release are helpful ballooned drawing inspection features and new file import capabilities, including additive manufacturing-centered formats.

Verisurf features

Intelligent Planning in MBD
Creating inspection plans with complex Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) elements, such as under-constrained datum reference frames, composite position and profile, and separate and simultaneous requirements, is now made easier with Verisurf 2023. The software enables the generation of intricate inspection plans based on associative Model-Based Definition (MBD) and offers intelligent analysis of GD&T.

New Mesh Tools
Verisurf introduces new mesh utilities, including the Tri-Mesh tool, which simplifies meshes, ensures uniform triangles, and maintains sharp edges. Additionally, the Flatten Mesh utility transforms open 3D meshes into flat 2D meshes, aiding in determining stock requirements for formed parts and supporting nesting operations.

Dynamic Edge Points
In cases where the surface of a thin part deviates from the nominal, measuring the edge can lead to issues due to part irregularities. Verisurf's Dynamic Edge Point feature addresses this by automatically adding a surface index point to adjust the measurement location, ensuring accurate measurement of the actual edge.

Enhanced Probe Visualization
Enhancements to CMM inspection planning include realistic graphical representations of the active probe. This accurate rendering streamlines CMM workflows by providing an intuitive and visual confirmation of probe selection and orientation.

MBD Inspection Ballooning
Inspection balloons improve MBD functionality and simplify first article inspections and reporting. They assign unique identifiers to individual characteristics and can be included as a screenshot in the report to facilitate identification of each characteristic's location on the part.
MBD from 3D Annotations
A new feature converts GD&T annotations from CAD software such as SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge, and STEP AP242 into Verisurf's Intelligent MBD format with tolerance associativity. This combination, along with the new ballooning feature, reduces transcription errors and automates inspection planning and reporting.

Enhanced Cloud and Mesh Slicing
Enhancements in this area streamline reverse-engineering workflows with tools for slicing meshes and point clouds. The Slice Mesh tool now includes an option to create edge splines from the cropped ends of a mesh, automatically closing splines interrupted by holes in the mesh. Slices can also be projected onto a locked plane to assist with surfacing and solid modeling.

Coarse and Smooth Refinement
New options for coarse and smooth mesh refinement provide greater control. The subdivide (coarse) option increases triangle count without moving vertices by connecting edge midpoints. The loop divide (smooth) option simultaneously increases triangle count and smooths the mesh, resulting in a high-resolution, smooth surface.

Measuring Cloud Objects
Verisurf simplifies cloud measurement with non-contact scanners by introducing the measure cloud object feature, which includes dedicated scanner controls. Users can adjust scan rates, clipping planes, and apply pre- and post-processing filters directly from the measure settings tab.

Enhanced Non-Contact Alignment
Offline auto-align enhancements improve the accuracy of aligning scan data with non-contact methods. When using circles or slot targets with a cloud or mesh for alignment, Verisurf calculates the center point of an inscribed feature, improving alignment control.

Datum Modifier Support
Enhancements in GD&T analysis and reporting include support for datum modifiers in position and profile, along with advanced options for composite reporting.