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SV-3000 CNC – Extreme Type

The Surftest Extreme SV-3000CNC surface roughness measuring instrument is designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and throughput in multiple profile and measurement tasks. It offers advanced capabilities for inclined plane measurements by enabling 2-axis simultaneous control in the X- and Y-axis directions. This feature allows for precise and accurate measurements on inclined surfaces, expanding the range of surfaces that can be analyzed. With the SV-3000CNC, users can achieve increased efficiency and improved throughput in their surface roughness analysis processes.

Product Features 

It is equipped with an anti-collision safety device on the detector unit, which automatically stops the instrument in the event of a collision between its main body and a workpiece or fixture. This ensures safety and prevents potential damage.

The instrument includes an easy-to-operate remote box that allows the operator to control movements by selecting the desired axis icon and using the designated joystick.
Communication with the data processing/analysis section is facilitated through a USB connection, enabling seamless transfer of measurement data.

By utilizing the optional rotary table Θ1 and Θ2, specifically designed for use with the CNC models, the instrument's CNC measurement application range can be expanded. This provides more flexibility and versatility in measuring complex surfaces and profiles.

Technical Specifications


Technical Data

The Surftest Extreme SV-3000CNC surface roughness measuring instrument is capable of high-accuracy measurements in both axes. 

Each axis has a maximum drive speed of 200 mm/s, enabling rapid positioning and increasing the throughput of multiple profile and multiple workpiece measurement tasks. In models with the α-axis, the drive unit can be power tilted, allowing for continuous measurement over horizontal and inclined surfaces. 

Models with the Y-axis table offer the ability to expand the measuring range for multiple workpieces by positioning in the Y-axis direction. 

These features provide enhanced versatility and efficiency in surface roughness measurement applications.
Technical Data
Range X-Axis:
8" / 200mm

Resolution X-Axis:
1.97μin / .05μm

Measuring Method:
RT Linear encoder

X-axis Drive speed (max. CNC):
7.87in/s / 200mm/s

X-axis Drive speed (manual joystick):
0 - 2.0in/s / 0 - 50mm/s

Measuring Speed:
.00078 - .078 in/s / .02 - 2 mm/s

Traversing Direction:

Alpha-axis resolution:

Alpha-axis rotating speed:

Column resolution:

Column Resolution:

Z2-axis Measuring Method:
RT Linear encoder

Column Z2-axis drive speed (max. CNC):
7.87in/s / 200mm/s

Z2-axis drive speed (manual joystick):
0 - 2.0in/s / 0 - 50mm/s

Detector Z-Range:
320, 3200, 32000μin / 8, 80, 800μm

Detector Z-Range Resolution:
 .004, .04, .4μin / .0001, .001, .01μm

Detection Method:
Differential inductance

Measuring Force:

Y-axis measuring range:
8" / 200mm

Y-axis measuring resolution:
 1.97μin / .05μm

Y-axis measuring method:
RT Linear encoder

Y-axis drive speed (max. CNC):
 7.87in/s / 200mm/s

Y-axis drive speed (manual joystick):
0 - 2.4in/s / 0 - 60mm/s

Y-axis max. load capacity:
44lbs / 20kg

Y-axis table size:
7.87x7.87" / 200x200mm

Y-axis Dimensions:
12.6x25.4x4.1" / 320x646x105mm

Y-axis unit Mass:
77lbs / 35kg