Reviewer - Software - Polyworks - Indicate Technologies
Reviewer - Software - Polyworks - Indicate Technologies


The free 3D dimensional investigation solution that brings 3D measurement results in the hands of your engineering and manufacturing teams.


PolyWorks|Reviewer™ is a complimentary solution designed for reviewing PolyWorks|Inspector™ projects. It empowers manufacturing specialists to delve into 3D measurement results, explore dimensional concerns, and subsequently share their insights on manufactured parts and manufacturing process performance. This sharing of dimensional analysis conclusions occurs directly in 3D with a broad audience, including customers, suppliers, and stakeholders across the enterprise, providing valuable feedback.


Provide Invaluable Feedback

Effortless Inspection Project Review
Quickly review inspection projects with just a few clicks. Identify the root causes of dimensional issues by examining controlled dimensions, color maps in 3D, first-article inspection reports, multipiece statistics, and more.

Thorough Dimensional Issue Investigation
Delve into dimensional issues with ease. Search, sort, and filter controls to spotlight problems and analyze deviations. You can modify alignments, magnify 3D vectors, adjust color scales, and employ various tools for in-depth investigation.
Effective Enterprise Communication
Enhance your inspection project by creating additional dimensions, controls, 3D views, snapshots, tables, and reports. Share this value-added inspection project with decision-makers and stakeholders across the enterprise to communicate your findings effectively.